Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Entry #8: A Lot of Catching

Sorry, I got stricken with a very bad fever for the past couple of days. A very, very bad fever. It's called the LF. Lazy Fever. XD

A Major Worry..?
Some few things just can't get out of my poorly overpopulated brain. Like my major. lol. I may be able to get a 'passing' grade with all my past lessons with my teacher but I don't think I'd pass if it were by my own standards. I always leave the lesson room wondering why I never got the change to study everything properly. And then I remembered where I went for the past two Saturdays. LOL. I know that contributed a lot to my lack of time, and maybe some other things like gaming. GAH. Let's just forget about those ugly things. Good thing is, I'm still keeping up a bit with my teacher's minimum required expectations. (That is, approximately 10% of the way she wanted me to play a certain passage. LOL)

Oh dear. I think God has been blessing me with wayyy too many vacation opportunities this year. Probably to compensate for the lack of real vacation for the past 4 years?  Maybe so, but I thank Him nonetheless for the chances of having a nice R&R(Recreation and relaxation.. right? XP) away from the H&S(Hardships and Stressful Situations. LOL). Last Saturday was the first time, in many years, to get out of bed very early. The Friday Group, (we weren't so many due to people not being able to be able.) about seven i think... went to Camaya Coast in the very faraway land of Mariveles, Bataan! It was a whopping three-and-a-half hour travel from Manila. We could've slept on the way, but heck, it was like a very rocky and roady roller coaster ride that we weren't able to fall asleep for long periods of time. I guess the driver was rushing because of some people who arrived late. XD But anyway, we got there finally. I'm just taking this picture from a friend of mine, no need for recognition, since the name is on the picture. Prepare for a photo input (for the first time in my blogging history!? The cats were not considered, as they were 'emoticons' lol)

"Yipee! Camaya Coast!"

That picture was taken by Judith Unsay (yeah, what a waste of typing energy for me saying i'm not gonna mention the name. lol) but a friend of mine took it and vividized the colors (thanks Val Cabigting :D) and I added the brush thing effect (forgot the name. lol)

That will be the only picture I'll be posting. XD To cut it short again, I had a nice time and a nice wound from the said adventure (due to sharp things under a diving pad). It was kind of sizzling out there with the temp, but when you jump in the very salty seawater, everything turns out to be okay. :D We also did go to a mini-waterfalls somewhere, and its kind of nice. Should I post a picture? REALLY? Hmm... Let me think about it.
"NOES! Why are you taking a picture of me climbing the bamboo stairs?!!" (said in 1.5 seconds)

Gah, there you have it. Its time to end this part of the post. My brain is all spread out today. Can't write properly. lol. I know you noticed it! YOU DID! YOU CAN'T LIE TO ME! I CAN SEE YOU!

That's IT!
I really just wanted to update the blog, since I think I'm getting well from the LF. :D I Hope to see you soon, hopefully with a post that won't be as brain splattering as this. XD

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Audrey Ang said...

I know very much how u feel na parang may kulang sa lessons mo, alam mong answer dyan? Self study my friend :) after all hindi naman lahat matuturo ng professors natin so its upto us narin to reach that goal that we want to achieve. :) Lessen the gaming muffinman! haha, God always shows us the way, it is upto us if we want to choose that path. NAKS NAMAN HAHAHA!:P

cge Goodluck n GodBless sa career mo :)