Sunday, May 2, 2010

Entry #7: Nearly Sleepless Nights

Yeap. The past few days have been very... un-sleepy. LOL.

The Water-pool
=.=; of course its a pool filled with water. What do you expect? Sand? Scorpions? MONEY? (O how I wish it could've been money. *sigh*) Like I said about a few days ago, I'd be going out of town for a few days; and as much as I did NOT anticipate it, I actually enjoyed it.

April 28th, Daylight. The monsters have overtaken the city. Somehow, I'm still alive. *gasp*

Well, if it were April 28th, it would've been better; but oh well, we said goodbye to our humble home last April 30th. Too bad my Resident Evil 3 line memorabilia didn't fit. *sigh* Our journey started at about 8pm. There was really heavy traffic anywhere and everywhere, we thought it was probably due to the many 10-wheelers out in the street because of the month ending. I don't know what relation there is, and I really don't care that much. LOL. We stopped over at Wai Ying Masangkay branch to eat dinner, for we were inhumanely hungry when we left home. Expecting traffic to dissipate after eating, we anticipated and expected to arrive at the event scene at about 10:30 -- but we were wrong. T_T. 

Heavy traffic, weighing about over a thousand tons (probably that heavy, but I think it should be more. And lol, if you didn't get the 'over a thousand tons' part, that's just a description of how 'heavy' the traffic was. LOL) made us drop half-dead almost instantly. Extremely powerful ouchy-red lights blinded our chances of getting to our location early. We waited for maybe one and a half hour before getting past that little area travellable by just a few minutes without traffic. Oh wait, I didn't mention where we were going? OH NO! XD Sorry. We were going to some resort in Laguna. Laguna. Laguna.. Laguna...? OMGBBQBBQ! That's going through the South Luzon Expressway! OH NOEZ! You got that right. It's as epic as an epic movie. 

Gah, let's just take that not-so-memorable memory away. =.= Well, we finally got to the said resort at about 12:30AM of May 1, and tired as we are (well, not really tired because i wasn't the one driving) we went to the pool to swim! It was warm by the way. Not the warm-due-to-nighttime warm, the hot water warm (but not too hot. lol). It was very relaxing, if i may say. It's like taking a hot water bath on a big, big, big bathtub. XD I got out of the water at about 2AM, slept around 3AM, woke at about 8AM. from 9AM till 11AM, I went out to swim again; 2PM - 8PM was the epic win part. There was only probably a total of 2 hours out of the pool during that time frame, so that would be about 4 hours in the pool. Hahaha. Well, there were 4 pools really, and I was transferring between all four for the duration of my stay. Gah. The entry is getting too long. Stop here. LOL

That's It.
Just to make it short, for the first time in probably many years, I was finally able to relax a bit (which is a very, very, very good thing) and it helped me think about a few things (which I don't remember now.) It was a de-stressing thing. :D Oh and yeah, the purpose of going there was for a clan reunion. lol. See you guys later. Sorry if the entry is quite long; but don't worry, I think there's an old entry 2 or 3 times longer than this one. LOL. Bye~

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