Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Entry #23: A New ?

What's New?

Honestly, I don't feel anything 'new' in the new year. Maybe because of stress?! >_<

What's NOT New?

Ha! if there was supposed to be something 'new', then there should also be something 'not' new. ^^ Lets see. What's not new? I still play Granado Espada, and I still do enjoy the lovely adventures I experience everytime I play. So far, I think that's what's NOT new XD.

What's Happening Right Now?

Whoa, this entry is turning into a Q & A portion! What's happening right now? Well, I could say that I'm procrastinating some very important stuffs (like my Natural Sciences 'project' which should be done by the end of the month, and my piano exam, coming up.) because... I want to?! Ugh, its tough to search articles online (science journals, and articles). And imagine, I need like.. 20 of them! (and I only got one so far). What I'm planning to do is to actually ask my friends to assign a day wherein we'll all go to the library to search for journals -- together, as a group; but if they don't want to, well then, I'll guess I'll have to assign a day on my own. VERY SOON. I should tell myself not to procrastinate any longer. It will wreck my schedules. In other news, this month is actually the NSTP LTS Lakbay Turo Nueva Ecija thing for me. We go to Nueva Ecija (bongabon, that's like... nearly 5 hours of travel from the University of Santo Tomas) to teach cute little kids academics. I know, that's pretty far; but it has been fun actually. The kids are kind, (well, mine is. I don't know about the other kids. LOL) and so is the environment (meaning not too hot, but cold. XD). This week would be the last time I'll go there, and we're supposed to prepare a program for the kids. I'm assigned to host a game; and frankly speaking, I don't know what kind of game to host, since all the other games on my mind were already taken by the other people assigned to games as well. I guess that's about it.

Are You Okay?

I think I am. :) Though there are a lot of problems going on around me (major, friends, a little on family, church), everything still seems okay on me. Stress is building up, that I'm sure. Oh! I remember. I still have that neurodermatitis working on me (did I mention it in my previous entry? Well, if I didn't, I have neurodermatitis, a some sort of skin 'asthma' [but not really an asthma] related to stress.) I went to the doctor just last week, and she gave me new prescriptions for drugs and a new ointment to apply on the area of 'infection' (ouch, that sounds bad. haha) In conclusion, I'm pretty much okay right now. As of now.

Do You Have Anything Else to Say?

I believe I'm already out of words. I don't have anything else to say, that I'm sure. Its really been a while since I writed an entry, and my 'interestisation' level to write about everything has been lowered dramatically. It would take time for the level to go back up, but I should write more. I know I should. :) Well, that's it. Just watch out. I'll be posting another one soon. I hope. :)


Dianne said...

Poooongeeee!!! wala lang, hi :D pretty hassle and REALLY busy na talaga life natin as college students noh? XD GAH. i mean, i dont have much free time anymore too...and i procrastinate A LOT. because... well, NAKAKASAWA nang maraming ginagawa parati :| good luck sa atin! hahahahahaha :))

btw, visit my blog din ;) i created a new one eh... here o: http://andibanandi.wordpress.com/

Mondie said...

Ha, I'd have to agree with you on the.. procrastinating thing... Especially with our careers. LOL. Imagine working everyday for our major (your plates XD). its... nakakapagod. :P