Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Entry #22: It Gets Harder.

Man, I can't believe it!

Life is getting harder and harder as time goes by. And by that, I mean, its getting really hard for me to write here in my lovely blog. I really don't know why, but I'm somewhat not compelled to write anymore. Maybe because of the many busy things that I need to do not only in school, in church, but also at home. I could say I'm a busy person, and I have only but little time for myself. I'm not saying that I'll stop writing blog entries and close this blog. No. All I'm saying is that I won't be posting as often as I usually do (well, it has already taken effect, as you can see XD). But oh well, I'll do my best, I always will.


Finally, a real vacation~! This is my first ever vacation wherein I get to do nothing. Absolutely nothing -- no church work, no school work, no computer work. NOTHING! It feels great to just sit back and relax, eventually end up sleeping. Though it may be a little boring for me, since I don't like to be idle, it was worthwhile. We went to Tagaytay by the way. We left for Tagaytay on Dec. 26, 2008 at about 4pm. We got to the house by seven I think, because of the amazing traffic that's caused by... you got that right (I think?>_<) Traffic Enforcers! They make traffic in Tagaytay XD. I sure hope that they'll come and handle the traffic WHEN THE PEOPLE NEED IT. LOL. So yeah, going back on topic, it was freaking cold out there, the moment we went out of our vehicle, everybody was saying :"Paki baba naman ang aircon!(Could you please turn down the aircon! XD)" That night was a mess, everything was in shambles. But at least everything got in order the next day. We stayed a total of 2 days and 2 nights out there, and we just got back yesterday. We were all tired from the journey, even our dog, chubby, went right to his 'depot' and started sleeping the moment we arrived. Granado Espada Life

Well, 80% of my Christmas Vacation pretty much revolves around Granado Espada. Just last week, I got into a little fight with a in-game friend of mine, just because I didn't tell him that I was not going back to a map that I kept on dying. It was just a little thing really, but this person kept on fueling the flame of anger, thus, we're not friends anymore. I do hope he'll come back and say sorry for what he has done, for I know I have done nothing wrong. I never wanted to have an enemy in-game, and I do my best for all my members in my faction. :) Anyway, the following message is for all my friends who don't play GE because of their many different reasons: "PLAY GRANADO ESPADA! DAMMIT!" (lol) I miss you guys, and I have a lot of lowbie stuff to give ^_^(no offense). And to those who don't have a clue on what I'm saying, Granado Espada is a cool MMORPG, because you could recruit NPC's and have 3 characters out at the same time. If ever you want to give it a try, you could visit:
I'm residing in Bach server, my family name there is Esponge. Give me a pm if you're online! Just tell me who you are though, lol~! But then again, I'll be happy to help anyone :)

That's about it for this entry.

I'm actually still tired to think of what to write. But anyway, I'll probably add them when i think of something. See you around. ^_-


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