Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Entry #21: I'm Back XD

Yeah, you got that right!

LOLz, I'm finally back from Zamboanga, even though that was a week ago. This post was supposed to be last week's, but I had no chance whatsoever to 'make' the post. I'm currently making a flash presentation (I think that would be better) of my trip to Zamboanga. I'll upload it here soon. Yay XD I had a nice trip generally, with some(actually, quite a lot) of unexpected, unlikely, unpleasant events; nevertheless, I'm still happy that I was given a chance to get to Zamboanga. Food was also generally nice(except the food in the hotel, uh-oh).


Whoa, I had a seatwork on the exact same day when I came back from Zamboanga! It has so happen that my professor in Natural Sciences - General Sciences, gave the class an assignment, to make a paper on the different branches of science. It was pretty hard to do, that's because I had little time: the deadline is around 4:00pm, but I only had 1 hour to actually make this seatwork. I had classes from 2 to 4, which would probably mean I won't reach the deadline. :/ But I actually did reach the deadline, somehow, because our professor in Solfeggio dismissed us earlier. But I think I still didn't get to pass my seatwork on time, that's because my classmate asked me to wait for her to finish... =( sad. I finished my work 15 mins before the said time, and I had to wait for her to finish too, and she finished at around 4:05( O_O!! Over the deadline!) I tried to look for our professor, but couldn't find her. I had already gave up on the thought of finding her, when she finally showed up! O_O. I gave it to her, along with my reason for not being able to pass on time. She said it was okay, but she was sort of "threatening" me that she might lose the papers due to my late submission. If only I got there earlier. If only she finished earlier. No hard feelings to this person who asked me to wait for her, I'm not mad at her, I'm taking it lightly, as it is only a seatwork. Not much of a big deal. Well, that's enough with NatSci, lets go to Theory! I missed the second day of theory class because I was at Zamboanga already at that time. When I got back, well.... I sort of became a noob again at music theory. I got a lot of mistakes in my works, I got an amnesia!! O_O!! But just this last thursday, I got some of the knowledge back in my brain, as I was working on another exercise given by our professor. It was quite fun, and mind-blowing in a sense. XD

People. =(

At around a week before I was to leave for Zamboanga, I recieved a call from a person from my alma matter (a.k.a. St. Stephen's High School) asking me to play for his presentation. I did say no to him, telling him that I AM A BUSY PERSON, and I know that I won't be able to handle such task. And yet he still insisted I play, I resisted, and still he insisted. In the end, I lost (I always do, i rarely win arguments like these. Maybe I should win some next time, by actually walking out/putting the phone down without a goodbye/acting very mad/threatening the person. HAHA, like I could do that). A few weeks later, about 2 I think, he calls me again, and as I have told him, I'm busy XD. I even told him what I told him before: that I was busy and I might not be able to do the task. He asked for a rehearsal with the group, but I had no free time at that time. Haha. I knew this would happen. I made him 'suffer' for forcing me to play for this special event. Right now, I got only less than a week to prepare for the rehearsals this sunday, hopefully I could be able to do it, and do it nicely too. Its okay if I don't recieve anything, but somehow, I want something (even food would do, in rare cases).

That's It.

Please do wait for the flash presentation on my journey to Zamboanga, I'll do my best to make it fast. ^_^;

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