Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Entry #20: Operation: Flood-Protect!

Mission Accomplished!

Whew, this was a tough day for me. I'm supposed to practice my pieces for the concert which is gonna happen next week already, and yet I had to stop practicing. Why is that you ask? That's because the house is in danger: Flood wants to dominate the house! I quickly went to the flood hotspots to check on their situation:

The Bathroom - The Bowl is making that odd Poring sound... !!! That just means that the water outside is rising!

The Outside-of-the-Bathroom - Its WET EVERYWHERE!! The endpart is suffering from major flashfloods coming from the roof!

The Outside - Suspiciously un-flooded!

Total Situation Percentage : The house is in danger.!!!

I had to work quickly, [sadly, not efficiently] to seal all entry points of the underworld water that was slowly creeping the entrances to our home. It was a hard task, since I'm the only one at home today. After a few whopping moments, I thought everything was sealed. I then proceeded to check on the bathroom. The water was quickly rising inside the bathroom (the bathroom was lower than the actual floor of the first floor) and so I needed to set up the water pump! I found the pump easily; but the hose was nowhere to be found! I called my mom to ask on the whereabouts of Mr. water pump hose. I was really panicking, because the water level in the bathroom is at its critical point, and I have to find that hose fast, or else, the house will be infested with floodwater!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! After a few more phonecalls to my mom, because she forgot where she put the water-pump-hose, I finally found the hose. I quickly unpacked the package and prepared the pump to pump. After a few failed attempts (meaning the pump did not succeed in transferring water to the outside world, meaning that the hose lost its grip on the pump sending eewey floodwater everywhere) I finally succeeded, and the water level in the bathroom was slowly going down. To make the long story short(even though I already narrated more than half of the event), I successfully prevented the flood from getting inside our lovely home. The Mission was a success!! ^^;

Cut it short once more.

I really have to cut it short again. XD I don't have enough time to write a long entry once more. *sigh*. Sorry XD Till the next entry!

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