Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Entry #18: The Resurrection


Its been one hell of a long time since I posted in this blog. According to the tagboard to the right side, its dead -- of course... IT WAS. But now, I am here to resurrect the long buried blog. Now is the time. I'm sorry, its been so long since I wrote here.. that's because my life as always has been a whole lot busy ever since the semester started. But now, as you can see, I'm eventually having time again for everything ^_^. I honestly don't know what to write at this moment, but I'll try my best. ^_^

What has happened in the past 4(or so) months?

Nothing has happened really. Just a lot of assignments. And Major assignments too. I'm now studying for my exams this coming march. That's one hell of an achievement for me. Let's see... Well, my characters in Granado Espada are all over 70 now, most of them at level 80. ^_^ And... Granado Espada is going to have a server merge the following week, so I have to rush leveling my other lowbies. ^_^ I could say that the past 4 months has been quite stressful with all of those assignments and other stuffs (whether it be church or school or personal stuffs). Ahh, its too hard to... compress everything in a capsule! Well, I guess I'll just start from scratch next week.

What's Happening Right Now?

Ugh.. let's see... Oh, yes. It's the finals week this week. We just had our Counterpoint and Theory Finals today, and... I don't feel too confident with my Counterpoint finals.. I do pray that I don't fail in that subject; on the other hand, I think I will pass inTheory (Music Theory..). I just felt so happy answering those thingies. I'll update you about it next week. ^_^

That's It.. for now. ^_^

Well, it seems that this post is extremely short. ^_^ But don't worry. I'll try to tell you a lot of things that will transpire this week. Stay tuned.!

P.S. I didn't know that today was a Tuesday. seriously. It must be coincidence. LOL ^_^;

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