Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Entry # 17: It's Been Soo Long! XD


Gawsh, its been so long already since i last posted an entry T_T. How amazing life could be eh? With all those busy stuffs going on here and there about music and of course about school, not to mention about the upcoming Major events in my life XD. Its been a while, I don't know if this post would be long, just wait and see I guess.

My Granado Espada Life

LOL. Why do I write about this, you may ask? That's because I'm already loving the game. Right now, I already have my Emilia the Sage (Wizard) and My Catherine (summoner of pwnage dolls :)) reach the Veteran Status (level 100). My other characters, meanwhile, are trying to catch up with them. ^_^ I really hope I get them to the veteran status as well soon. Miserable. I'd really want to buy GPoints, but I figured that its just.... well, too expensive~! If I would buy GPts., then I would just buy another Limited Edition Box instead, because the cost of that Box is now 1,500 pesos only! :O! With this box, contains 35k Gpoints! If you'll check out the price of the box with its contents, you'd probably see a win-win situation like me! It costs 750 pesos to purchase 18k Gpoints. You see, if you double that, it would amount to 1,500 pesos already, with 36k Gpoints. But if you'll look at the Limited Edition Box, it only costs 1,500 pesos! The box contains the Emilia the Sage character chard! 35k Gpoints! Installer of GE! and also, a soundtrack of GE! It's like spending only 1k Gpoints to have the Emilia the Sage character, the Sountrack, and all the other freeeeeeeebies! Isn't that amazing?!!! ^_^ Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll be buying a limited edition box again, but if given a chance, maybe I'd buy one once more since it's cheapie already :D.

My Music Life, in General

Currently, I'm having a lot of difficulties in my studies in music. That's because I'm being taught toooooo many instruments. I just couldn't say it to my mentor, who has been wanting me to learn a whole lot of instruments like the organ, the trumpet, and even voice! XD In my opinion, it's alright to teach me new instruments, but I'm currently a student in college, specifically in the conservatory of music. Think about it. I now have to divide my attention from practicing the piano, to the other instruments. I really don't think it's a bad thing, I just thought that maybe, just maybe, its too much for me. My piano assignments are already killing me, just so you know, and to add these other musical stuff.... well, I could end up dead! X_x I want to be good in playing the piano, I want to be the best that I can be in playing the piano, maybe I could learn the other instruments when I'm already good at playing the piano... Argh, so many 'piano's XD.

The Blog

Seriously, I don't know if I could continue writing here in this blog. Like I said in the tagboard, life has been busy for me ever since classes started -- correction: even before classes started. I really had no vacation. NO VACATION! I didn't even have time to sleep. T_T But anyway, I'll still try to give my best to post here. The blog title... well, I'll change that some other time, along with the change of layout as well. I really pray that God would give me time to actually make my own layout for the blog, so it would look uniquely Mondie~ ^_^. (Wow, I already see the new Blog title XD).


LOL. I couldn't write anything anymore. Hmm.... Ah! I know! I'm now working on a new composition! It sounds so familiar, that I think I don't want to finish it. It's another "EMO" composition because it started in a minor key yet once more. But hey, I always try my best to brighten up the mood when it goes to the chorus part :). Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted on what happens with my new composition. Maybe I'll give it to Joy Fellowship, for them to use it for Singspirations, or maybe I'll give it to the Choir, to sing it in the Church. Who knows? XD Oh, and I also plan to continue my original goal for the "I Confess" song, I think I'll make it into a choir piece for the CMLI group in SSHS. Hopefully, I finish that soon. Well, I'm all out of things to say. See you the next time I post! woot XD.

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