Monday, April 28, 2008

Entry # 16: My Apologies!

Apology and Surprise

I'm so sorry for not being able to write the entries for the past 3 weeks already. It's just that I have been so busy, and the Tuesday was that busy day. With that in mind, I plan to change the blog's title again! ^_^; Hopefully, my blog title won't be derived from a book anymore ^_^ LOL.

I forgot.

I'm very sorry that I had forgotten what had happened two weeks ago. Its because of a very, very surprising event that had transpired yesterday. Yes, yesterday. I should be at my former high school because of choir practice, but I had to attend to someone's debut. More on that later. I'll try to do my best to remember anything i can ^_^.

Some Few Things I can Remember.

Aside from the very unforgettable moment, here are some few things that I could remember. Last last Thursday was the beginning of my Organ Lessons with Mr. Salarza. Well, I felt really nervous (meaning, my funny but not so funny anymore behavior creeped in). I did.. well... pretty good. ^_^. I just had these mistakes on the fingers used in playing. I admit, I was unprepared at that time. And well, I was also unprepared the second time around. But hey, he somehow enjoyed how I played my assignments. ^_^; As for my Major, I did not do any good 2 weeks ago. It was then that I came to a realization: my lessons never moved since February! I absorbed it. Then, I started to practice very carefully. I still needed a little more improvement last week, so I practiced harder. And just this week, I finally got off Bach's Sinfonia # 3. And that was such a fulfilling moment :P About my voice lessons. Last last week I was doing okay, except for the fact that I don't want to see myself in the mirror. Honestly, I don't know why I don't want to look at myself in front of the mirror when there are people around me. Anyway, I did good 2 weeks ago. Last week, well, I sang crappily because of my aching tonsils. it hurt T_T. This week, Mr Conrado gave me a pep talk on my "self-defense mechanism". I gotta say that he was correct. But really, I don't "chicken out" like that in formal occassions ^_^.

The Debut~

Well, this would be the main event of the entry. I went to a debut of my college classmate, Medz, in Quezon City (Aberdeen Court / Great Eastern Hotel). I went there thinking that I will just attend the debut because she invited me. Okay... I was there at about 5:30pm. I went to check the "suite" called "Ruby Suite". When I got there, there was no one. As in nobody. I just saw a few people preparing the place for the debut. I went back out, realizing that I would be obviously and OP person. I went to the men's room to fix my necktie -- my spongebob necktie! ^_^ I read in an article somewhere over the net that you could wear generic clothing (or mundane clothing) but be sure to have something that would make you unique. In this case, the Spongebob necktie made me unique. I met my classmate Jeffrey at the men's room and we had a little chitchat about being early and so on. I wanted to go back to the Suite already, so I told him that we'd see each other later and I went back. As I have arrived at the place, I saw there are already a few people; but hey, still, I was out-of-placed in the suite for 30 secs. Then, Medz' friend approached me and told me to take a seat. And there I waited for about 4 mins. until some more of my college friends showed up. ^_^ So there we were, chitting and chatting about nearly everything. Then that same person who told me to sit down a while ago re-approached me, moments before the débutante was going to enter the hall/suite. She told me that I was going to be the Escort of the débutante tonight. I stopped. Thought for a few seconds. What? Me? Escort? Now? Impromptu? Huh? Wha-- I couldn't say no. Sighing, I stood up. And right at that moment, the moment I stood up, all of the other guests stood up as well; later on, I realize that the débutante was already walking down the "catwalk". I stood there, looking at the debutante, looking back at the Emcee a.k.a. girl-who-told-me-that-I-was-going-to-be-the-escort, and then back at the debutante again. So now, confusion was getting to me. What do I do? =.= Anyway, I proceeded somewhere near the stage. I waited for the emcee's signal for me to join the débutante. After the emcee gave the signal, well, there I went near the debutante to help up get up the stage. As we sat down, the first thing I told her is... Why me? T_T She replied so quickly and told me that it wasn't her fault. It was the emcee's fault. She just knew that she was going to have an escort as she was just going to the Ruby Suite. Well, I got surprised, and she got surprised. The event went on, starting with a worship service -- I personally prefer it to be a thanksgiving service -- and after that, it was the 18 candles. It's a good thing that I needed not to stand beside her as the 18 candles were taking place. I was not-so-happily sitting there, trying to act as casual as I could (when I could've just acted so normally =.=) to prevent myself from getting attention from the people. Actually, the moment I sat down there, I already felt nearly all eyes looking at me, and I didn't feel quite good. Anyway, during the 18 candles thingy, food arrived. Yay, food! But wait. I need to wait for the debutante to finish before I can eat the food.. Sigh. And so I waited, maybe like 10 mins or so, until the debutante finished the 18 candles thingy. I re-escorted her back to her chair, which I had to carry back up to the stage, place it neatly on the stage, and move it back so the debutante could sit down properly and hassle-free. Finally, I could eat. One thing that I don't like about being the Escort is that when you are there up on the stage, its almost impossible, if not hard, to get seconds. I envy those people down there at their oh so large round tables eating a nearly buffet-style (minus the lining up, because the food were on their tables). They could eat as much as they can... lucky for those people who have table-mates who don't eat that much, they could eat as much as they want(hey, isn't that the Nova commercial? Eat as much as you want? XD) Anyway, we had a little chat about the people who were there at the event. She introduced me to the people at the different tables. I totally forgot all that she said about them. LOL. Anyway, after about 15 mins. maybe, the debutante was asked to go to the different tables to take a picture. I was almost relieved that I did not need to go with her. THINK AGAIN! Because of the advice of a woman that I don't know (maybe the organizer?) I was forced to go with her. Wait, not necessarily forced, it was my duty. I so much hate impromptu duties. But I had no other choice. I went with her to the different tables, carrying her long "end-dress" around(Hope you get the context.. I don't know what's it called XD). After finishing half of the guests, we had to postpone the other half to give way for the 18 roses. We went back to the stage and sat down -- oops, it was only me who went to the stage. ^_^ By the way, I forgot to mention that the stage was very, very much unstable. When both of us sit down this deleterious stage, the table moves, and so does the drinks; thus, the reason why I don't move much when I was sitting down on the stage. The 18 roses began already, I was just there at the stage, looking at the happenings just a few meters from me. One came after the other; but when the 12th or 14th one was called, the emcee walked towards me, stopped right in front of me, and told me to "twirl" her around. AHHHHH~~ T_T Total torture for me!! I don't even know how to twirl a person around. LOLx. After the last person, it was my turn. As the emcees announced my name, there was a thunderous rave from the guests, which made me... well, quite uncomfy. ^_^ So there we were, dancing on the quite old-looking marble floor. I told her that I had to twirl her around. She was quite surprised.... I think. I tried to twirl her, but I got the wrong timing. We have failed our first trial. In our second trial, I think it was quite successful. ^_^ The people roared. LOL. I thought that it was over, when the cameraman told us to do it again because he wasn't able to get a decent shot of this twirling action. Man, T_T. Okay, we did it for the last time, and it was yet another successful twirl. We danced a few more seconds and it had finally stopped. Yay! Thank goodness there was an intermission number from the debutante's church-mates, which gave me time to rest. It was clearly visible that they didn't prepare that much, and their movements were quite repetitive all throughout the performance, but I understood why it was so. They could've been busy with a lot of things, and I think that they were informed having only a little time to practice. After that performance, it was now time for the 18 special gifts. I thought yet once more that I would just be sitting around just like what happened in the earlier 18's, but I thought wrong yet once again. I stood beside her as she sat down. She was sitting down!! T_T It was another torture moment for me once again. ^_^. I stood there as the almighty personal assistant of the debutante, getting the gifts and placing them on the stage one after the other. The 18 special gifts were finally done. I could see no person in line anymore. They must have gotten back to their seats already. This was the moment when the emcees told the guests that I was an impromptu escort (was this the time? or was it earlier? I forgot ^_^) and they even asked for a message from me for the debutante. AHHHHHH~~ another impromptu thingy! An Impromptu message T_T. Well, I tried to tell her some few things, like she was already legal for being jailed, and many other things that I have forgotten because it was an impromptu speech. After that, the organization of the debut was gone. It was because maybe the event was finished already, and people could go home. We went on to the other tables to finish the picture taking session that was postponed a while go. After that was the cake cutting ceremony. Thank God, I did not need to feed her the cake XD. That would be a super-blush moment for me. After that, there was the picture-taking of the different friends and families of the debutante. And after that, I bade goodbye to Medz, as I needed to go home to practice for the offertory.

This is still not finished.

I'll finish it later on tonight, I'm really sorry, I just need to go to school right now. ^_^

-post ended 1:22pm, still unfinished, due later on this evening.-