Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Entry # 15: Better Left Alone

New Layout!

Yeah yeah! New layout! ^_^ I hope you liked it. It's still blue, because for some odd reason, I like blue for my blog.

P.S. Entry

This Entry is supposed to be made tomorrow, but oh well, I don't want late posts to happen again, so here I am, posting >:) Off we go!

E-Games Domination II Event

I was able to attend this E-Games Domination Event just this Sunday! At first, I was quite nervous, since I don't have anyone to accompany me; but my brother suddenly wanted to go too, so there. I actually had a companion in going to the said event! When we got to the place, SMX Convention Center (The one beside the SM Mall of Asia), I got quite excited, confused, and well, anxious. It's a big event... I know it is. It's because the event is E-Games' 2nd Anniversary, and most probably, there would be a lot of people wanting to go in. As we got to the front of the SMX, something bothered me. It was a line of people. Huh? That's odd. In all the Granado Espada Events that I have gone to, I have never seen a line that long. I thought that maybe that was the line for the non-pre-registered people. But I thought wrong. Just like what I have forepredicted (for some unknown reason, I was expecting a long line even before I left for SMX), that line was for all the people coming to the event. Me and my brother glanced and glared upon the long line for a few moments, thinking of what to do: to go and line up, or to go home? I took out the going home option, and decided to go to the end of the line, get it? LOL. Reread that sentence >:) Anyway, as I stood there, waiting for the line to actually move, I was eating this OREO that some kid gave to me at church. (Btw, this was during a Sunday) Just ate one, since I might want to give my brother some, just in case he wants to eat. So, okay. Miraculously, after eating that one piece of semi-cracked OREO biscuit, the line moved a little. Just a few steps. Hey, that's progress you're looking at. Don't underestimate the power of a few steps! In just a few minutes (Maybe 7 or 8 mins) the line moved again. And again. And again. Skipping all the quite senseless events, me and my brother finally got in the venue of the event, after an hour. My blood tingled with excitement as we go up the escalator to the second floor, where the event is held. After finally getting inside, I had do decide what to do first. And most probably, you might think that I would go to the Granado Espada booth first right? Well, you're absolutely....... Wrong about that! *Evil Laugh* Joke. :P I did go to the Granado Espada Booth first. Upon getting there, I did not know what to do. I looked at the carton given to me by the guy at the entrance. As I looked at it more closely, I realized that it was the map of the whole place. I read something at the bottom. It said something about having the map get stamped at the different venues to get freebies. I'd figure that out later, I thought. I stood there. I just stood there. What was I going to do in this event? I suppose I could join some GE events, but how? Nevermind... I'll just go and get a T-Shirt or something... <-- Those were my thoughts at that time. And so I did. I went to the Merchandise Booth. It was sooo crowded for some odd reason, that I decided to go back some other time. Ugh, I don't want to go into details anymore =P. Skip the details, let's go on to my insights on these events.

My Insights and Feedback on the E-Games Domination Event

The events catered at the different game booths were not Free for All. In the past events that I have went to, they have Free For All events, like the bring me, Question and Answer, and even the promos! But it seems that in this event, all the things were focused only amongst the registered participants in the event. How disappointing. I wanted to take part in at least an event, and I didn't have the chance to actually join in one. Maybe I didn't have guts. Yeah, that could be the reason. But I also think that there is a lack of organization not only in the events held inside the E-Games Domination II, but there is a lack of organization in the WHOLE event itself. Let me start from the entrance procedures. I first thought that the pre-registered people would most probably walk through the lines, since they have pre-registered. But guess what? We still needed to line up along with those who have not pre-registered. They should have separated those who pre-registered, from those who have not pre-registered. That way, the pre-registered people would actually benefit from pre-registering. Another thing, there was no organization inside the venue. People were all scattered around like trash, no decent lines for the booths, like the merch. shop and other booths. My second feedback is the venue of the place. It's just too small. All the game booths were like compressed into a single hall. They should've used the halls downstairs, which are wayy bigger than the place where the event was held. In conclusion, the event was a total disaster. This is my own opinion, please respect it and do not get offended. ^_^ I want to go to events, yes. But I also want to enjoy the events I go to. Anyway, this Section is Closed. I don't want to discuss it any longer. The next time I would go to an event, maybe I should think twice before going. I have someone to go with me on the next event for sure, this time. It's Jefferson ^_^. I just hope that the next event that I would go to would be more organized, and more people-interactive, unlike this one.

The Grades are OUT!

Oh yeah, my grades are out. I didn't expect my grades to be that high this semester, maybe because I knew that I didn't quite study well for my subjects. But hey, I never got a grade below 2.0! I got three 1.0's, four 1.5's, one 1.75, and a 2.0 from my most hated subject(because of the teacher), Philippine Government and Constitution! I think, and I know, that I am on the Dean's list. Yay! A note to myself: work harder next time, so you'll get higher grades! I should always aim for the highest grade ever! >:)

My Summer Job

Fine. Here goes. My summer job is an accompanist in a choir. No, its not the church choir. I would die if I would be accompanying there, the pieces are just not for me just yet. I'm in the Children's choir. My job started just last Sunday. Well, it was a tough start for me, since I wasn't able to study the "All Things Bright and Beautiful" piece. All things were not so bright and beautiful for me at that time. But I thank God for the practice was not what I expected. It wasn't wild, they weren't that noisy, and well, they had some respect for me. I do hope that this would happen ALL of the TIME. I don't want to leave this job because of the EEVIL kids. ^^

The Granado Espada Fever Coming to an End

Yes. It's coming to an end. My summer classes for piano would be starting next Thursday, and my Organ lessons would be starting this Thursday. I sure hope I can still play Granado Espada and have time to study my assignments. I want to be a Veteran this summer break >:) (Note: Veteran is a GE term, meaning a character that is above or exactly level 100).

That's IT! ^_^

Well, all I can say for this week is that God had been very intently listening (Wow, will you look at that =.=) to all of my prayers. I have this feeling of guilt within me. This feeling of betraying God despite all the things that He had done for me. I want to do something about it, and do something about it NOW.

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