Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Entry # 14:More, and more.


Sorry that I wasn't able to post my entry on time. Something came up that day, and I wasn't able to write this entry. But hey, what matters is I'm writing it now ^^. So here goes.

Super Granado Espada O.o

I'll have to admit. My Granado Espada Moments are getting longer, and longer. I think I'm playing a lot of GE right now because I know that I won't be able to play again when my summer classes in piano start next week. My playing of GE was actually the reason why I wasn't able to write my entry supposedly for that day. Here's what happened: my factionmate, CrewofAngels, is already level 100. She was training her Vikis(Vikis are characters who summon MASSIVE allies) at that time, and, well, I asked her if she would want to try to defeat the Great Hill Giant once more. (The Great Hill Giant is a monster that needs to be defeated in order to complete part A of our Faction Quest. We have to accomplish 2 tasks, including this one, to make our Faction go up to level 51.) And so, after inviting deNox, we proceed to Vegas Javier(A map) to summon the Great Hill Giant. Along the way, I received a Personal Message from the cousin of deNox, ™cornelius™. He asked if he could take part in killing the Great Hill Giant. Because I was so eager to finish Part A of the quest, I said yes, and I even told him that if he could bring friends, I would be much happier. ^_^ With the eagerness of CrewofAngels, I summoned the Hill Giant. Well, I tried to stay away, but I got stomped -- which means, I died. I quickly went back to the barracks(Characters selection screen) and went back to Vegas Javier as fast as I could. When I got there, the reinforcements have arrived. There were about 4 players trying to kill the Hill Giant(except me, of course, since I can't hit the thing). I was the ressurector of their dead players ^_^. After just a few minutes (Maybe about 15 mins.) the Hill Giant finally died! YES!! Part A was already completed! Woohoo! As qyu gave to me the Hill Giant stone stuff, I proceeded back to the city to activate the next quest. We then proceeded to the Prison of Joaquin, to the starting point of the quest. I knew that I was going to die if I went first. Knowing this, I always kept a distance from the level 96 and above monsters (for I am only level 83 and below at this time). The quest takes almost an hour each time we did it. Yes. We have failed. At our first try, the other warp gate was disabled, meaning, the other team could not get to the next area. We tried to finish the quest with only 2 players. I thought that we were going to finish the quest already, when qyu, the only player who could battle the final boss, the chrysalis, suddenly logged off. He told us that he got an XTrap error. Man, it was almost finished! T_T On our second try, all of our scouts died(Scouts are those who heal, who resurrect dead players). We still tried to continue, and eventually, all of us died. So here we were, trying for the last time. We got through all the warp gates without any problem. We killed the Mini-Boss without any loss. And there were all of us fighting the Chrysalis (Except me and deNox, because we would die if we step in there). Finally, the Chrysalis died. ^_^ I quickly went to the place, and got what I was looking for: The Hero seal! ^_^. My faction would be finally 51, I thought. When we got out of that map, I said my thanks to those who have helped us: qyu, and ™cornelius™. They were the only ones who killed everything in our path. ^_^ Then, I proceeded back to the city, and Viola! Our faction is now level 51! YAY! As I went back to my saved location, I saw a ring around the waist of my characters. I now have the blue ring thingy! It looks so cool ^_^. In closing, I spent about 7 hours on the Faction Quest. I think I won't do the next Faction Quest in a long, long, long time ^_^. Maybe next time. When I have all the time and money in the world to waste? LOL. Oops, I have made this entry a Granado Espada Entry already.. =.= Sorry ^_^ It just seems that I don't have anything else to write about since I think nothing that much important has happened to me the past week. I will still try to remember if I have forgotten such things, and I will write them here, right now ^_^.

The Joy Anniversary Play

Well, the Joy Anniversary Play has been bugging me for quite a while. I just can't seem to find the right inspiration to continue the play. Just last Monday, I tried to continue it with another ending. It turned out quite well, but realizing that we have a lot of young actors, I think my play wouldn't have the impact I wanted it to have. The play is almost finished now, but it had to come to a stop for a few days. Sydney made me realize that the characters that were used in the play were actually too many. Ugh, what am I going to do now =.=. NOT TO WORRY! I know that I'll be able to re-construct this play if I need to decrease the characters, with God's help, of course.

I Want to Go to The Convention~~~! T_T

Man, just when I thought that I'll be able to go to the E-Games Domination II event happening this Sunday, things come around. It has restricted me from going to such an event. It's such a waste that I have already printed my pre-registration form already and realizing that I won't be able to use it. One reason for me not going is the lack of a companion. I was such a loner during the past events that I have gone to, I had no one to talk with, I seemed like a total emo. LOL Another reason is that we were to go somewhere this Sunday, after 12pm... so... I can't go. And one last reason is the S.A.L.T.(Serving And Learning Together) seminar thingy to be also held on Sunday. Now that, I cannot go. I PROMISE, I will go to the next convention of Granado Espada. And I pray that God would give me a companion who would love to go to these events and that this person is also a Granado Espada fan. I would also like to pray that God would make the day of the convention/event a non-conflicting day, meaning there are no things that need to be done at that specific day or time.

My Job

Still, I wouldn't give details to where or what my job is, until I actually start with it. Just stay tuned ^_^.

The Layout

Oh yeah, almost forgot about this one. I'm changing the layout after I post this entry. Maybe I would revert to my former layout if I don't find any good layouts to use.

That's it!

Well, it seems that this entry is majorly about Granado Espada. That seems so... unlikely. Just comes to show that I am playing Granado Espada most of the time. God was out of the way most of the time, which is bad. I try to give some time to Him, but I know it's not enough. I should give not only some, but I should actually give all of my available time to Him. The problem here is that I don't want to surrender it to Him yet. But even so, I will try to give my best, and I will give time to God on a Daily Basis. ^_^

This post was made thursday, April 3, 2008, finished 2:37pm. Date was changed to Tuesday for obvious reasons. ^^

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