Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Entry # 13: Meant To Be


I finally had free time! FREE TIME!! Now I can write in thy blog for once more. I'm quite excited now, because I know that I could write about what happened in my life once again.

It's a Tuesday Alright.

Tuesday is the only day that I write in me blog, that's because it's the only free time that I have during my school days. I don't know if it would be Tuesdays with Mondie next semester, since I don't know what my schedule would be. But I hope, I just hope that my schedule would be at late morning.. I don't want 7am's or 8am's anymore. Its just not for me, I guess.

Something to Write About.

Guess what? I have something to write about today! =.= This has just happened a few hours ago (late morning), and its very embarrassing. I was about to go home after practicing for Friday. Details on that later. So, going back, I was walking when I realized that I needed to buy an internet card! I then made a 360ยบ turn towards the shop where I would buy my internet card. I was thinking about something on the way. I actually don't know what I was thinking about. And because I was thinking, I really didn't have an idea what I was stepping on. It happened all so sudden. I stepped on wet cement =.=. I quickly got out of the area and first of all, said my apologies to whoever was there looking at me. I was soo embarrassed that I quickly flee from the scene of the crime. One thing that I have to comment on this event is that the people who actually poured cement over the area didn't even mind to warn me that I was going to step on the wet cement already. They started talking when I was about .5 milisecond to actually stepping on the thing. Blaming me after stepping on the wet cement was reasonable, but I just couldn't accept the fact that they did not even bother to warn me. Anyway, that's all over now. After buying my internet card, I walked towards Metropolitan Hospital and went home. I don't want to go back there, no, at least not the coming days.

Solo Singing, Again.

For some reason, I don't want to sing with an audience right now. Maybe because I have realized that I just don't have that voice like my classmates who are voice majors? But look, I'm singing this Friday, in St. Stephen's High School Alumni Welcoming Party. What a coincidence, huh? ^_^ I don't know what'll happen this Friday because of my lack of practice, but I'll do my best.

Granado Espada Fever ^_^

Haiz, I admit. I'm addicted to Granado Espada now. Well, because maybe its vacation, and I have nothing to do yet. Been trying to level up all my characters right all this time. Here's the list of me chars(arranged from highest to lowest): Emilia the Sage 7x(Wizard/Scout), Catherine the Summoner 7x, Adelina Esperanza 7x(Fighter), Gracielo 6x(Fighter), Emilia Guilano 5x(not so Wizard, and not so Scout), Mondie(Elementalist) 5x, Judie(Elementalist) 5x, Julie(Elementalist) 5x, M'boma 4x(Wizard/Elementalist), Grace Bernelli 4x(Musketeer), Jack the Engineer 4x, Diego the Carpenter 4x, and Finally, my newly acquired NPC, that took me 4 days just to get him, and here he is, Viki 3x(Summoner/Scout). I hope I get to level 100 soon, since I want to go everywhere. ^^ Enough of Granado Espada now, since this is not a Granado Espada Blog. If ever you play Granado Espada, I'm at the Vivaldi Server ^_^. Hope to see you in-game!

I Have a Job! ^^

Yay! Kudos to me! I have a job already, and it starts next month. I don't want to expose the details yet, because I haven't told anyone yet (Even my family, so my dear sister, if ever you read this, don't tell mom! I WILL TELL MOM! ^_^) The salary isn't that too big; but hey, at least I have a job. I can actually fund my Granado Espada times now ^_^.

Something's Wrong

With my writing. I can feel it. It's as if I am not writing how I am supposed to write. Oh by the way, don't correct me! I know that what I did to put up this entry was to type, but I'm also writing you know, since I don't have any source material for the sentences that come out of this entry. ^_^

My Composition

It's finished. Like duhh~! Of course it is finished. It should be! ^_^. Well, my composition was the only sad song in the class, and err.. I was happy about the outcome. I'm just not so happy with our recording :P. But hey, I'm still uploading it. I'm just so sorry because the instruments were not doing that much good, because we're all tired and we wanted this thing to end already. It was causing too much time already for us. Here are the Lyrics of me Composition (Thanks to Allen Matocinos, Carmina Gutierrez, Ivan Arlantico, and whoever I forgot). And also, my thanks to Alberto de la Cruz, for making the score for Saxophone and Violin.

The following material is mine. No copying and claiming it as your own! If you want to post or copy it in other sites, please ask permission from me first. Thank you ^_-.

~I confess~

I was once so lost
Afraid to face the cost
Because of all the things I've done
I have hurt a lot of people
Even you my Lord, my God.

So I confess my sins
and lift them all to You
I said : "I will repent all of my sins"
Then You showed mercy and forgave me.
and took away my guilt
Thank You Lord for Your Love

Changing my life Oh, God
Is the best thing that you've ever done to me.
Thank You for your unfailing love
I will be forever grateful
For giving me this chance(cho)


You were bruised for my transgressions
You were hurt for my iniquities
I can no longer bear your sufferings
but you wiped away my tears
And now I bow before Your Throne

Ze Music

Summer Classes

Just when I thought I would just have one class this summer to attend to, I thought wrong. I thought really, really wrong. I was sooooooo wrong. Okay, I think you get what I mean already, and so I will spill out the news: I have two more music classes to attend to this summer(I think). 1, Voice lessons, and the other one is Organ lessons. Whew! I don't even have organ shoes to start with! My mom and I have been looking for Organ shoes since I opened my eyes to music. And up until now, no organ shoes anywhere, at least none in the "Ukay-Ukay" stores. I don't know if there is a maker of organ shoes here in the Philippines, but even if there is, it must be super-expensive.

My Offertory Pieces

I have already learned my Solo Piano Offertory Piece for next next month. Though it's not that good yet, I'm confident that I will be able to play it the best I can when that day comes. Right now, I'll be studying another piece, but this time, I'll be accompanying a choir. The title of the piece is "Lord, Tune Our Hearts". Its due next next next week, so I think I won't have much of a problem.

Summer Camp!

Aww.. I want to go to summer camp already. I want to feel Spiritually refreshed once more. I want to play for God again! I'm with the Singspiration team again this year, and I hope the songs are so spiritually moving and has a worship-py theme too. ^_^ It just seems awkward that there aren't any rehearsals for the Singspiration at this moment. There should be! Last year, there were already practices during these days. Maybe because the songs are easy to sing and play? I don't know. =.=

Layout Change

One was complaining about the Layout. It was not "user-friendly". I don't think that its not "user-friendly" at all. The same features are still there, the navbar, the tagboard, and all that were there before I changed the layout. Maybe this one person was complaining about the load-time? If that is so, then I will change the layout earlier next month, when I see a good one. If I don't, then I guess I'll just revert to my former layout. ^_^

That's IT!!!

Well, I'm so happy that I'm able to write again on my blog. I hope that I could say more of my stories next week. I want to keep on typing and writing here, because it would be sooo fun to look back at what had happened throughout my life. ^_- I hope you could do that too, because when I read through my earlier posts, I laugh at myself actually (in a good way) because of what had happened to me.
finished 3:42pm

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