Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Entry #11&12: Lotsa Hope


I seriously don't know what to write about. It's because I'm trying to cover two weeks here. This is my first double entry, so I'll try to do my best, and hope that this is my last double entry too. ^_^

Okay, About Last Week.

Sorry, Just like what I said in my tagboard, I told you guys that I had a lot of things to do that Tuesday. I really didn't have that much time last week to write my entry, I will tell you the reasons now. One, I was not at home most of the day last week. I don't know why, but I don't want to go home for some reason. Two, last Tuesday, I promised a friend that we would play Granado Espada. I just thought that the playing would only last an hour, since I want to go home already, but I ended up staying for a whopping four hours. I helped her level up anyway, so, I guess it's a good thing. Wait a minute. Let me explain to you that this sub-subject is a minimization of the event's last week. I don't have that much enough time to write them all. What I'm gonna do is to un-minimize the post, but I will explain everything. Okay, going back, our English Professor told us that he would be married a day after our class with him(that was a Saturday). It's so unbelievable for him to be married because, well.. He acts like a shHe. And one more thing about English. Get this: we are the top section in the first year, we got no passing grade in the preliminary examinations. Some of us were sad, except me. I knew something was wrong. Something was very wrong. And so, just as I expected, I was right. There was a mistake in the answer key. And so, In the end, nearly all of us passed. ^_^ Okay, I think that's about it for the highlights of entry 11.

It's Time for This Week! Theology.. is getting.. worse

Yep. He's giving more and more and more and more assignments in his little theology subject. Yeah, I get the point that he wants to teach us things that we can apply in our lives, but its just too many. Imagine, he gave us a lot of papers to do despite the 4 meetings left. He made it so difficult for all of us. My major doesn't even give too many assignments. O_O Anyway, I prayed that he would "lessen" somehow the projects that he was giving to us, and guess what. God answered my prayer! He took off one task. Now, all that's left is the composition (which, by the way, is almost done. Only needs the lyrics, and the instruments' scores, and of course, the recording.^_^), the Life Today paper, and the Sacraments paper. Uhh.. yay.

Lesley's Gift

I really had no idea on what to give Lesley on her birthday. It seems that I couldn't find a right gift for her. I already gave up all hope, until I have found a gift for her: games!! I put some of our games into a CD, which I gave her. Well, I hope she enjoys the 'geeft', as she calls it.

Busy-ness Is Setting In!

All of a sudden, I feel that all the professors are rushing with the class stuff, like the projects, reports, and other stuff. It's their fault. I must blame them. LOL. They should have given these things to do earlier right? Like when they don't come in to class without even telling us that he/she won't come to class, or maybe when he/she comes in to class and just chit-chat about something? Sigh.. Anyway, (ack, I'm getting that 'Anyway' usage syndrome again!! T_T) I just pray that God would help me manage more time in these stuffs. ^_^

Major... Disaster

I can say that my Major was bad, but not as bad as it was when I cried. This time, I didn't know how to count. It was just too complicated for me, really. I have no idea on how to play it with all those turns and amazing 64-th notes all over the piece. Wonderful eh? I have to practice that one, but not this week. ^_^ There's no major next week, because of the declaration of the actual day as people power day. I hope I can finish my assignments on time.

A Regular Bible Study!! Yay!

Lemme tell you something. I have a care group in my church, St. Stephen's High School. A Care Group is a group wherein all the people talk about what happened to them that week, how was their time with God, and many many more. ^_^ My Care Group decided to have our meetings on Saturdays, @ 1pm; which just means that my time for major practice would suffer a diminution, but it's OK with me because it's God we're talking about here. From this day on, I would be having my weekly Bible Study! Yay! ^_^

A Change of Card

Sigh.. I'm hating my internet now. I couldn't find any I-republic anywhere anymore. Everywhere I go, every smile I make them see, every salesperson says, I'm sorry sir. Aww, I miss I-republic's fast internet connection. I'm currently suffering under the unstable speeds of ISPx Bonanza. I hope that it would speed up so much, if it wouldn't be as fast as I-republic.


Man, as the semester nears its end, solfeggio is becoming more and more very difficulter! I can feel it. The listening exercises are difficulter than it was before. The dictation was not as easy as it was the week before. I just hope that I would be able to cope up with these difficult stuff.

Blog Title

The Blog Poll is nearing its end now, and No is still winning. Yay for me, cause I don't have to think of another name again! ^_^ (Whoa, shortest sub-subject ever!)

That's It!

This entry is too much minimized; therefore, I didn't include a minimize sub-subject to it. Going back, I think I have a lot of hope in all the things happening around me. I think that's its good to have this hope within me, because it makes me want to keep on going. God will be there for me, I know that he will make my hopes come true. But hey, wasn't that supposed to be "dreams"? LoL. Till next time! ^_^ See Ya!

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