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Entry #10: What a Relief!

New Layout

Well, I thought I would choose a new layout. For what reason? I don't know. Maybe because my entries don't fit to the layout anymore. Or maybe because... it's just too boring? O_o Maybe so. ^_^ I think I like this layout better because it has a cuter color. I sort of like blue right now so, I like it ^_^ If you have any comments, suggestions (I won't accept the 'don't-choose-from-default-templates-make-your-own!' suggestions cause I really don't have time to make one even if I really do want to make one), or any violent reactments, it will be accepted as a form of thank you. ^_^

The Blog Poll

Well, I just want to tell you guys, who are reading my blog, that I have reopened the poll about changing my blog title. You can vote as you like, I guess. The poll will end at the end of February, so that's a lot of time for me, and for you, to think about what consequences could occur if you chose this or that. lol. Anyway, let's go over to our lovely entry. :D

Music Composition -- A PROJECT?!

What the. That was the first few words that came out of my mouth -- inside my brain. It wasn't a good idea for me. Imagine, a Theology subject's project was a musical composition?! Isn't that way off the subject? I honestly think that it was way off, for some reasons. One, we don't get to choose our own group mates. That's a bad thing. I really don't like having a useless group, that no one would do anything.. again. I prefer the choose-your-own-group idea better, since it would be my fault that I chose the wrong group, and I won't have a hard time thinking about what big mistake I did to join such a group. Number Two, most of us have no idea of how to compose something. In my opinion, this project would end up a mess, because he didn't even think how hard it was to compose a song. It takes time, and a lot of it; but sadly, music students with majors other than composition can't give a lot of time to a single subject. It's just too greedy of him lol. My final point, does he have any idea how hard it is to make a composition using only the majors within your group? In my case, I think I will have a hard time with my group. Okay, let me tell you about my line-up. I am a piano major as you know, and I have 4 other classmates that are in my group. One of them has saxophone as her major, the other violin, the other percussion, and the other composition. I really don't think it would mix that well. When you try to imagine it, it's hard to make a harmony between the violin and the saxophone, since both of them produces a timbre that is obviously different from each other. I have no question with the percussion part, because I figured that having a percussion thing going around the song wouldn't be that bad, I guess. And this is the worst part. Now, how can a composition major show off his major during the performance? See? Now what does he do? I have absolutely no idea. Good luck to every one in our class, let's have one hell of a 'good' time composing. >:) Oh, and I forgot one last thingy. Our songs are supposed to be related to the different sacraments in the Catholic Church. We were given the sacrament of reconciliation. I thought that it would be easy for our group, since I have already composed a chorale piece of a sad song. The problem is, I'm having doubts about using the actual piece. I think I won't like my piece to be used in a Catholic Church. It would be not so good for me. If I would be making a piece for a church, then I would make it for our church! I just hope that the person who would be assigned to make the actual lyrics would be considerate and make the lyrics somewhat universal, that this composition may be performed in all the churches that believe in Jesus Christ.

Bye Orange, Hello Blue!

I once had an orange mechanical pencil. I loved it. I kept on using it whenever it is possible. I really loved it so much. Until it disappeared. It was on a Wednesday. Actually, that that was a half-day, meaning there would only be one subject to attend, since classes start at the afternoon half, and we would only have Rudiments. Today was also the deadline for submitting our Reaction paper about the Die Fledermaus thing for Filipino (or so I thought it was) so I asked Ayla to print my Filipino report, and I would just pay her. Okay, so we were outside the Recital hall two, waiting for time to pass, waiting for the students in our classroom to shoo away. Then it happened. They really shooed away, and it was now time for us to raid the room, with our bags. We were already having our Rudiments class when I noticed that my pencil was missing. It was not in my pocket. Not in my bag. Not in the classroom. Where could it be? I don't know!! I lost track of the lesson, which meant I was not listening. I was focusing on where the poor pencil had gone to. Where are youuuu!? And then, as if I was in a dark room and a bright light suddenly appeared, I remembered when I had grabbed my pencil from my bag. It was the time when we were outside the recital hall! I really wanted to go out of that room at that moment but I just couldn't. I couldn't lie to the teacher. And worse, I couldn't tell the teacher my reason for going out of the class was just to find my pencil. That would be awfully funny. Well, anyway, I sort of wished that the class would end right then and there. But it didn't. I did not end. It's as if God had his hands on the clock and slowed it down, big time. I was so anxious now. Making doggie sounds made me feel a little happy. But I wanted to get out. I wanted to get out NOW. When the class finally ended, I quickly went out the door, towards the Recital Hall, where I think I have left my pencil. Sadly, there were already people there. They were sitting where I was, and I presumed that they have already stolen away my baby from me. My pencil was now gone. No more drawing when bored for me. No more hope of being able to write everything that Ms. Fule says. No more.. no more... no.. more. Then I thought of something. I would buy a new one!! A BETTER ONE!! I would choose the best of them all! *evil laugh* And so, I went to the National Bookstore located in SM San Lazaro, to embark on an adventure, to look for my new pencil. After a few ten minutes, I have finally found it. My new love. My new.... Pencil!! It was still the same brand, Faber-Castel, but not the same orange colour. It was now blue. And the bestest thing of all was that it was innovative! It was called Grip Matic™ because it was an automatic pencil! I don't have to click again when there's no more lead. It automatically 'clicks' it ^_^ ! I'm so happy now. I already got over my mourning for my orange pencil. I had to move on. Towards the future, with my new pencil! *evil laugh*


Humph. It seems that our Prof. Mazo has fooled us. He told us(with a paper posted outside the conservatory office) that we would be having our Large Ensemble class last Saturday again. I didn't want to wake up that early in the morning again, since it would be so tiring, again. But anyway, I did wake up in the morning, I did go there. But the problem is, there was someone missing. It was the professor. Sigh. I don't want to go there again lol. Please, Please Prof. Mazo, if you tell us that we are going to have a class, please.. please come. ^_^

Well, Well, Well.

That's one thing I can say about my Major for this week. I did a good job, in my opinion, of having to cram up my assignments. At least I was able to do some good parts in my assignments. But I wasn't satisfied with it. I should make a new schedule for myself, a schedule that would definitely suit my lifestyle. So, I decided, since Chinese New Year is coming really fast, I thought of a new schedule. I wouldn't practice during Sundays again. I have to finish it all by Saturday, or else.. I would fail. ^_^ Yay, what a nice resolution. I hope I don't get scolded by my professor for not being able to do a single assignment next time. *evil laugh*

Addicted Once More

Yay, I got addicted! Not to a game though. I got addicted to another James Patterson Book. It was entitled "When The Wind Blows". It something like Maximum Ride, but it has a different story. In Maximum Ride, they were being tortured. But in When The Wind Blows, the flying people were not being tortured. Instead, they were educated, allowed to watch T.V. and they were not caged in cages (*evil laugh*) unlike in Max Ride. I still haven't finished reading the book, but I think I would be able to finish it by this week. It's so exciting. Maybe you should read it? ^_^

Nothing to Minimize, Yay...?!

Aww, I couldn't think of anything more to minimize right now. LOL. Maybe next time. You know what? This entry is quite long! Yay! Oh, OK. I think I remember something to minimize now. Yesterday, I bought another book from the Left Behind Series! So, I'm down to 7 books. I wish I could complete it soon. ^_^

That's It!

Hey, this week was more... well, lucky! Unlike last week, where a lot of horrible, and terrible incidents occurred, this week was more.. well, happy in a sense! Thank you Lord :D^^ I hope I get to get more weeks like these. :D ^_^

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