Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Episode Four: A Missing Professor

Eek, So Repetitive!

I have been writing this episode for more than 4 times already. I just can't get past the 1st topic of this episode. Hopefully, I can now.

A Forgotten Pa--... Pages

I forgot to do my assignment in Filipino again. I just wonder why I always keep on forgetting assignments in Filipino. -_- Anyway, I didn't try to cram now, because I deserve the punishment that I will receive from not doing my homework. As the teacher entered the room and took her seat, she started calling our names alphabetically, asking us to recite what we have written in our Book; for some reason, she gave us a chance to write one while we weren't called, so I took the pretty much platinum opportunity. I was already finished by the time my name was called. I wanted to recite my work with feeling, but because of nervousness, I 'bleh'-ed T_T. I got an additional deduction for every bleh that I say. In the end, I got three bleh's. I must control this 'bleh'-ing as soon as possible T_T. She gave us another assignment: it's just reading a few pages(10 pages). After Filipino, I stayed in the room for a while to warm up for my next subject, my trumpet lesson.

The Missing Professor

I went up the stairs to check if my teacher was there. He wasn't again. I expected that he would be already there waiting for me; but I ended up waiting for him O_O. I always see him around during other days, but it's very odd that he doesn't show up on Wednesdays. I wanted to talk to him every time I see him, but I didn't get the chance to talk to him because he always goes somewhere when I go near. I then went to the office to ask if my teacher was in, they said he wasn't, so I just went back to class and concluded that he wouldn't show up again.

A Test of Memory Skills

When it was the time for Philippine History, I quickly grabbed my notebook and pen -- it was because it's another episode of write-all-you-hear. She was speaking so fast that I wrote so fast that I couldn't understand my writing that I needed to rewrite my writing that she told us.(too many 'that's :D) Good thing, I was able to cope up with what she was saying. After a few hours(just an hour actually), the terror finally ended, and I was so hungry.


This day, we ate at chowking. I never got full, but at least I ate food. ^_^ That's all. O_O I went to our school after that.

A 'Replay'

We had another exercise at our Rudiments of Music class today. I can say that I didn't learn anything from this subject today, because all we did was to convert from a treble clef to an alto or tenor clef. I just hope that we will be able to learn something next meeting.

In Conclusion...

Today, I thank God for He has given me the chance to actually make up for my assignment in Filipino. I learned from my lesson now. I actually did the assignment in Filipino ON the day. ^_^ I'm so happy for myself.

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