Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Entry #2: Too Tired

Batangas Stop

That's a literal stuff. We had to go to Batangas last Friday because we had to deliver some things to the relatives of my sister's friend. Well, we travelled about 10 hours in total, but we only spent a couple of mins(maybe around 15 mins.) at the actual place. It was a very tiring day, especially if I could just stay at home and sleep(or play ^_^). I really don't want to go back there again, it's just too tiring.

H3 Convention

I have never been this tired ever. Well, all because of that Hero conference stuff. I really wanted to get a jacket, a GE jacket. They did tell me that there will be GE merchandises for sale, but I really wonder why there was no jackets. I did ask the people selling the stuff, but I got a very disappointing answer -- "We're currently out of stock." I did respond with a question, asking them if it would be available the following day(Sunday, because it was Saturday at that time.) The following day, that's Sunday, I went again to the convention not to just grab a hold of the jacket, but to actually enjoy the convention in itself. Well, after knowing that the jacket would not be sold because its still out of stock, I went over to the GE booth to actually submit my perfect attendance thingy. After getting the in-game stuff, which was a combat manual (beginner)[Eew! I don't like beginners lol, but thanks anyway], I proceeded around the vicinity of SMX. I really got tired because I was strolling around endlessly, trying to find someplace to sit down and rest a bit. I was sooo sooo tired because of standing the whole 3-4 hours T_T.(I'm not thinking while I'm writing these stuffs because.. I need to meet with some friend at 11:15 maybe, so I'm rushing typing right now.


After the convention, I was really, really tired but I still needed to go watch the Choral Competition(Voices in Harmony) joined by my former school. It was the finals night already, and I really wanted to watch it. And so, I was there, listening to all the contestants, counting their mistakes. I really don't know how the Ramon Magsaysay(Cubao) won, but I guess, its just my own opinion. ^_^ I don't want to write my opinion about our school, because I do not want to hurt or make them proud of themselves. ^_^ Anyway, I did not have the chance to finish the contest because it was already late at night, and I really need the sleep. Disappointingly, I had to stay up that night because I needed to finish my Major Assignments for the following day. I was really tired(*gasp* I keep on stressing this lol), but I still did it.

First Major Mistake

Still literal in meaning. My first major mistake.. T_T I felt so bad after being scolded by my professor in my major yesterday. "Nothing I could do there", I thought. But it was really my fault in the first place. Oh no, I mean, it was the conservatory's fault! You see, they have been asking us to attend practices late in the afternoon for a concert I didn't even volunteer to join. How funny. I am really, really disappointed and afraid that I won't be able to practice again this week because of this evil concert. ITS JUST A UNIT. A unit only takes 30 mins in college, 30 mins A WEEK. Basing from my own calculations, I therefore conclude that after this event, I can actually not attend all of my Large Ensemble classes, because this week has already made up for every single meeting of the Large Ensemble. But one thing is for sure, I will still attend the stuff, I don't want to have an FA anyway. ^_^ Okay, back to the main topic of this sub-topic. I was scolded by my professor because I was late and I forgot my notebook. She forgave me this time, and told me that I have to bring my notebook next time, or I won't be able to have my Major next time. I was really disappointed at myself. My self-esteem dropped about 20 points(out of 120, LOL). I really wanted to kill myself at that time, for giving in to Ivan's temptations. Ivan, if you are reading this, I won't be able to play with you this week, I need to redeem myself. I need to practice a lot this week, hopefully.

Theology Oopsie.

Today was theology. Yesterday, our professor posted an online activity on the yahoo groups. I thought it was supposed to be done by today, but it wasn't so I was happy that I didn't do it(When I should have done it so I won't have problems... right?) But just about an hour ago, we had an exam. I think I failed it, but I trust in God, I believe that whatever happens with that paper, it was God's will, and it would be for the betterment of myself.

That's It!!

Well, all I can say about this week? I just don't want bad things to happen again. But guess what? They'll keep on coming. Someone told me(I think it was a speaker somewhere) that if we are not suffering, then we are not Christians, because Jesus Christ told us that we will be persecuted and such. I just want to persevere more, WORK HARDER!! ^_^ and, of course, study harder too!

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