Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Entry #1: A New Blog Name!

A Change of Title

Yes, That's sooo true. I have already changed my title to "Tuesdays with Mondie" from the former title: "The Adventures of Mondie". The reason why I did it is because I notice that I don't have that much time to write on my blog(Except tuesdays). I made that title(The Adventures of... Mondies) because I wanted to tell you about my everyday experiences; but since I don't have that much time to write all about them, I just changed it to Tuesdays with Mondie.

Evil Ivan.

Well, I think you do know that I do go home late this week because I have some rehearsals for the 90th anniversary of my former school right? Well, of course, after five grueling hours of standing up, trying to polish every action, and other things, I would be tired of course, exhausted from the things that I have just done. But when I get home, one person bothers me when I want to sleep already -- Ivan. Lucky me, I won't be able to sleep. He asked me to turn on for him my MondieRO, so he can play. I really wanted to sleep already, but I don't know how he does it, that he enables me to actually stay up late. And the disadvantage of that is waking up late than usual, lacking sleep in going to school. It was a thursday, and I have classes at 7am the following day. Lucky me, I forced myself to sleep early. But still, I didn't have the chance to get enough sleep.

Things just keep on coming

When the 90th anniversary was done, I was so relieved and tired that the whole thing was done already. I am already having some doubts about joining another one like it. But somehow, God must have listened to me as I was murmuring it in my mind, that he has sent another concert which I was involuntarily volunteered. It was the Christmas concert of the Church in UST(I think). I really didn't want to join this event because I know that Practices will be more late than it was in school because it is a college. Sigh... Practices start tomorrow at 5pm. One of my classmate who was also joining the said concert told me that the practice will end at 8 approximately. When I heard that, a big "OH NO" cloud evaporated in my brain. NO!! I don't want to go home late anymore! I haven't even recovered from my fatigue last week, and then here comes another one to actually wear me out more?! ..... This... must... be... perseverance!! I must persevere, to trust in God's will, even if I feel tired, I just have to believe that this was God's plan to make me a better person.

90th Anniversary Performance day

Now, let me narrate to you the hidden events during the day of performance in the 90th anniversary of my former school. It was a Sunday, the last day of performance. We were actually in the room, waiting for nothing. A moment later, someone comes up, and looking angry, he asked us why we are not in the make-up room yet. Of course, I knew that that time was already our time to go to the make-up room, but someone told us that there were only 3 make-up artists at that time. Some time later, in the company call, we were blamed by the staff because we were "late" for our make-up. Actually, I could've stood up and told them that it was not us to blame for the delay in the schedule, because it was really tha mek-up artists who were late, not us. But anyway, I just left the topic. Man, I'm so tired, I don't even know what I'm writing about =P.

Sorry, My Proffie!

If only my professor in my major (piano lesson in simple terms) can read this, I would like to confess to her because I was not able to have my major yesterday. I was really tired yesterday, because we came home at 12am already and I woke up late. I did call her, to tell her that I couldn't come to my major today, but I was so bothered. I always remember the times when she told me that I shouldn't miss a single major. But i did miss one now. I shouldn't miss another one ever again. T_T

That's It!

That's about all of the events that have transpired this week. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, I already finished the Maximum Ride series. Well, I really did hate the last part, because I think the ending forgot some details, but it was good anyway. This part is the new "In Conclusion..." segment of my former posts. From now on, I will post my conclusions for my entries. Now, for my conclusion. Well, this week was awful. I had a lot of downs (rarely I had ups) but I know that God is testing me, for Him to actually know if I will cling unto Him or not. I just want to tell Him, that I will Persevere, and cling unto Him, forever. ^_^

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