Monday, November 12, 2007

A Start of A New Journey(Hopefully) Again. ^_-


Hehe, its been a long, long, long, long time already since I wrote about my life. Frankly, I don't know what to say. Well, I didn't have anything else to do today.. so I guess God has given me time to write about the events that have transpired today.


It all happened during practice of the Anniversary choir just a few hours ago. By the way, the annivesary choir is the one that will be singing for the 90th anniversary of the school. Its supposed to be in July, but for some very unknown reason, it transformed into November 24 and 25. Anyway, since the last practice, I have been very irritated by the movement when the so-called "Mary" and "Joseph" will knock at nowhere and we were supposed to answer no by turning our heads left and right. Lucky me, I didn't know that we were supposed to do that; so, obviously, I was "scolded" for not doing such. The next run that same day(Not today ^_^), I did turn my head now, but he, Mr. Chinggoy Alonzo(Hopefully, I spelled it correctly), the director(?) of the anniversary program, said that I still did not turn my head. I forgave him at that time, because I really didn't know that I was supposed to turn my head anyway. The next week, that is... today, we did a run-through again. I was the only college student at that time, and I really am trying to do my best. As we arrived at that part again where we needed to turn our head, well, I did turn my head now. He still said that I did not do it correctly, but I think I did it correctly. Well, the source of my irritation was at the director. Yes, I did acknowledge my mistake for not being able to do an action that I didn't even know how to do, but the point that he is still badmouthing me(I can tell because he was pointing at me, with an angry face[DUHH!!!] and looking as if he will swallow me alive). Well, finally, he stopped there. It was a really good thing, because I was really, really pissed off at that evil turning head motion. Because of this wondrous and spectacular event, I hid my feelings, and tried to finish the run-through as calm and as organized as possible. Well, what I did to actually control my anger was to sing 2x louder than I usually do. They should have noticed it, because I didn't hear any of the sopranos singing =P. I was really agitated at some part of the run-through when Jasper nudged me. I was about to explode(haha.) Its a good thing that I can still control myself at that time, and I had some patience in me, hoping that the actual nightmare would end soon. And just in a few mins, it did end. Finally. It's over. After the practice, I asked someone how the move was supposed to be. And... well, I finally knew how to do it ^_^. I still feel some anger, but what the heck, I expressed it here anyway. What's important is that I had someone to share this piece of information.

The Other Stuffs

Today was the first day of classes for Rudiments 2(Pre-Music Theory), and Philippine Government and Constitutions or PGC as we call it. Both classes started late, and ended awkwardly early. Lets just skip that part.. lolz. Let's go to the Solfeggio class.


Solfeggio last semester was easy. I can tell that to you now. It's because the subject is hard. Because of a new professor, the subject revealed its true form to us. It was... evil!! LOL It was awfully harder than ever. Imagine, she plays a note, and you have to know what that note is! She plays a chord, and you have to know what kind of chord it is! She plays a beat, you'll have to know how to notate it! Well, I don't know if you understand what I'm saying(hopefully you do), but that's just the beginning of more things to come. (Watch out for the next Solfepisode![Just thought of that title right now=P])

In Conclusion...

Today, I guess, are those days where in things just aren't the way you expect them to be. We just have to be strong, rely on God, and things, even though they may be emotionally, academically, or even physically hurting, we can all finish them, accomplish them, overcome them. ^_-

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