Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Episode One: Tuesday with Mondie


I got today's title for this episode, the first episode(again) from some book with the same(Well, almost the same) title. I actually forgot what title that was, I think that it rhymes with the title I made up. Maybe I'm starting to like to read books again? Well, I guess this marks the start of another Blogging kabooish. I just wanted to tell to the people who are reading my blog that.. I thank you for reading my blog. I hope that you will continue to read my blog with patience and understanding in case I was not able to make a new blog entry. I can't blame myself for the "awesome" assignments and projects that we were entitled to do. ^_^

Maximum Ride. wee.

I was already amused when I heard the title from my former classmate, Zachary. When I asked about the book, its story, well, I sort of liked it a little bit. But not to the point of actually snatching it away from him at that time and reading it. (LOL) We were asked to read a novel, anything that we liked, and do a book report with it. I really don't know what book to read, since I stopped reading a few years ago. I resorted then to a solution: To find a new book, or to borrow from my former classmates which were, uhh... how would I call it... "Book" geeks. -- Did not mean to offend. I just can't find an appropriate name. ^_^ Well, that day, we went to a book store in a mall, and I tried my best to find a title that I would like, or maybe an author that I know. Nothing. No familiar name, and no title that I know of. But anyway, I still kept on looking for a book. I was about to give up already, but I saw one book. Its author was very familiar, but sadly, I forgot what was his name right now. I guess I'll just add it in later. Anyway, the book was entitled "Babylon Rising", not that much interesting in my opinion. But anyway, I still bought it, thinking that it would be exciting since the author was the one who wrote the Left Behind™(or was it ®) series. We then went to another book store, to search for more books, luckily, I didn't find any. ^_^ We, I mean me and my 2 other classmates, went on our separate ways after the book hunt. Well, I went straight home. And... that's the time I thought about that book that my former classmate was reading.. "Maximum Ride", about people planted with 2% avian DNA.... hmm, sounds exciting, but I wouldn't know unless I have a look at it; so, with eagerness and determination, I texted him. Oh, his name was Zachary in case I forgot to type it. ^_^ I asked him if I could borrow the book, for a book report. Thank God, he said yes. ^_^ I then went online and researched about the book. Was it nice? Will I like it? Does it have more than 3 books in its series? All those questions answered as I browsed through the pages of the author's website. I think I will like the book, but I'm still not sure. The day that we were supposed to pass the titles of our books finally came. I was afraid because if I write the title of that book in that paper, and I didn't like the book, I will hate myself. I should have just changed it to the book that I bought, "Babylon Rising". Anyway, I still wrote "Maximum Ride" in the paper. When he was checking the books that we were to read, and finally arrived at my name, he gave a good response to the author of the book. He told me that he was a good writer, as told by Kris Aquino O_O. Well, I guess I will like the book. Skipping unimportant scenes(because I forgot them =p), we go over to my former school. I was waiting at the church steps when I saw a very tall person walk through the blue gate. It was Zachary, carrying a yellow Shoe Mart plastic bag. I thought that it was the books, and Maximum Ride was in there. And it was! ^_^ woo. I can finally know if the book was nice or not. I started reading the book, and it was really good. It was the first sci-fi novel that I read. Well, I didn't get hooked up that easily to the book, but when Monday arrived, (Music week. I'll tell about it later) I got addicted to the book. I managed to finish more than 150 pages of the book in just a quarter-day! I didn't notice myself that I already finished half of the book by lunch! Well, I just think that this book was awesome, and that I hope I could have a copy of them myself. That's it for the book. I'm still reading it now, nearing the end of the first book. If only I can make a book report on the series, not just the first book, then I would do it. The book makes me feel so alive. LOL.

Music Week

I never felt music week this week. Maybe because it has just started? I don't know actually. I just feel that the conservatory of music didn't prepare much for this "week". Well, there was a Book fair at our lobby in the 5th floor, but there's only 1 group selling, which means they would overprice their books by a few hundred pesos. And one more thing, the activities were not even introduced to freshmen students, like us. What we gonna do now? Music week is just like the same normal week wherein we have classes, and it never ends.

One thing after the other

Well, I don't know what happened but I involuntarily volunteered for another concert 2 weeks after the 90th anniversary concert of my former school. It was a choir concert, and I'm part of the choir again. I don't know how I came to be, it happened so fast. One moment I was just sitting down, reading the book that I bought the day before, then, at the next minute, they give me a score of the songs, and they were telling me that I am already part of the thingy. I didn't want to get involved that much in very tiring activities. I felt horrible as I imagined rehearsals very late at night, not being able to get to my classes on time because of these evil rehearsals. Lucky me, I get to keep myself "overbusy" again. But I am not worrying that much. Because everything was meant to happen for our own good. I think the purpose of these things was to teach me a new lesson, and I'll tell you guys about it if I already know what it is.

"Oops!", my mom and my brother exclaimed.

Last Sunday, I had rehearsals till 8pm. Me and my brother have already agreed that he will be the one to fetch me at school that day. It was 7:15. We were in the middle of a practice when my phone vibrated. It was a text message. From my brother. It was stated in the text message that he was already at school, most probably waiting for me to go out. But I did tell him that my exitting time was to happen somewhere around 8. Well, I texted him and told him that I won't be finished till 8 because its supposed to end at eight! =.= Oh, and if I remember correctly, the same thing happened yesterday, the difference was it was my mom that fetched me, along with my brothers, and they texted my that they were near the school at around six. My, my. ^_^

Oops, I forgot

Aww, I missed this section of the entry, the Oops, I forgot section. This is the section where I usually express my feelings about forgetting a lot of things, and today, I will tell you about my "Forgotten" events. One was the Filipino assignment for Monday. I remembered it Sunday night. I also remembered that we don't have a functional printer at home, so I thought of someone who could actually print it for me. Syntia! I texted her, and she misunderstood at first, claiming that I will text her the assignment (Which I WILL NOT DO EVER! *.*), but in the end, she agreed to print it for me. Thanky Lord I said. One more thing that I have forgotten is about my Major also on Monday (Still, it was a Sunday). I decided just to trust God in what I learned the past days, and just slept along with the fear of failing in Solfeggio. It was the first graded recitation for the semester. I did not perform well. I promise. And at my Major, she told me that... err.. I still did not do good, in a page at least. ^_^

In Conclusion...

I still have a lot of things to write about, but I don't have time to do so. It's lunchtime right now, and I have to go to SSHS to learn my new assignments in my major. I would love to write more, but I have to stop. Now, back to the topic of this Sub-Topic. I think these days(since this was an entry compilation of what had happened about 3-4 days ago) were very... tiring, and challenging in a sense. I think God really comes in this part. The part where in I have to persevere(The message last Sunday in Joy Fellowship), and just trust fully in Him. I do have some doubts, but I will do my best, my very best, to set them aside. This ends episode one: Tuesday with Mondie. ^_^

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