Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Entry #14: Cross-Eyed Woman!

This event is probably the most memorable today.

Cross-eyed Woman

No, I am not discriminating cross-eyed people; as a matter-of-fact, I'm amazed by them. And I even know people who are cross-eyed! Just this morning, as I was commuting towards the University of Santo Tomas, I hopped on to this jeep. As I sat down, I look around like I always do, I guess it's something like a routine. I must have learned this from reading the Maximum Ride series! XD. Since, this paragraph is getting out of hand, I believe it is time to continue with my story. As I was looking around, I suddenly see this woman who is extremely cross-eyed, to the point that the left eyeball (when you are facing the woman) cannot be seen any longer, and the right eyeball is to the extreme right. My first reaction was not to look; but then I suddenly looked back with a surprised face. Eyes wide open while keeping composure. That kind of face. Of course, embarrassed, I look away. I hope she didn't feel uncomfortable. =s I didn't mean to hurt her feelings, I was just surprised, and amazed at the same time to see something so epic. Sorry.. :'(

What? No Rehearsal? Nyuuuu-Oh wait!

Upon my arrival to the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas (yes, insert sarcasm there. XD): actually, after buying my dose of Simple Line goodness, I see one of my friends, Val with his other friend from a film-making school here in the Philippines doing some filming. My sentence construction is pretty bad today. I can't believe I never mentioned that the doors to Recital Hall 2 was locked (because that's the place where I'm supposed to have a rehearsal today; that is, for the junior recital of a composition major. Wait. Did I not mention that I accepted something like that? Oops. Sorry. XD Now you know. LOL). So I actually ended up helping them to film for their project. Well, it was a nice experience. XD Cool, if I may add. But honestly, getting those lines memorized in such a short time takes a lot of skill. I guess I need to re-study my cramming mastery. I was good at it back then; but now, all hope is lost. I believe that music must be the reason why I can't cram that much anymore: Music cannot be crammed, after all. XD

Slight Memories of..

The rehearsal with at the MPO school of music. The journey towards MPO was epic. It was raining so hard. My shoes got wet inside-out, and the back of my shirt got soaked because of the malfunctioning anti-rain system of a tricycle. What's worse? When I boarded the LRT-2, the rain stopped. Yes. You heard that right. What perfect timing! Well, with this knowledge, I am dumbfounded by how God could just test you right there. "Will you still go to MPO even if it rains THIS hard?" that was actually the question on my mind when I was about to start my journey towards MPO. Well, I just replied: "Of course! I said I'll go, why would any rain stop me from going there?! XD". I hope I could also do that with my walk. =s xD

That's It!

Yay! More progress! I know that not many people read this blog (or maybe no one reads it at all. xD), but at least I'm still keeping up with this blogging thing. XD If ever you stumbled upon this page, by any chance, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. I checked the dashboard today, and noticed that 1 person viewed my blog today. That one person inspired me to write another entry for today. Thank you one person, you have successfully encouraged me! KUDOS TO YOU! :D

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