Thursday, October 13, 2011

Entry #10: What Sembreak?

Uhm, yay. Sembreak is currently ongoing. But what sembreak?

No Rest

I guess this is one of those times when people wished they had a lot of time to sleep and do stuff that they want to do whenever they have a break in between semesters. But I guess I'm not one of those people who are actually privileged to do so! Why is it so, if you may ask? It's because I'm in this little chamber orchestra. And I'm tasked to play the trumpet: one of the few things I really was not that fond of. Well, sort of. Our practices for the whole break would be literally taking out my Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and hopefully only a little of my Saturdays. Kind of depressing really, but I have to cope up and keep up. Honestly, I don't want to take part in this, because I knew it would really eat up my semestral break; I just took it to help out a friend. And its probably taking its toll. Well, my heart is not in this, but if God willed it to be so, and if He really wants me to join this orchestra thing, who am I to object, right? XD

Piano Time

Honestly, with the orchestra practices in motion, I'm sad, and kind of upset that I'm not having time (almost literally) to practice my major. This is a very sad and depressing thing. The time I could have consumed to study piano is transformed into that time I need to get to the practice location; which by the way, is about two hours away from home. Imagine: 4 hours total travel time to go there and get home! That would have been more than enough for a day's worth of practice right there! Sometimes, I would almost cry, as I was not able to practice my pieces, not even once for that day (like the past 3 weeks, when I had to do a lot of schoolwork.) I really did think that I would have enough time this break to make some progress with my pieces, but it seems that I can't find any time. The only time I had to practice was only yesterday, but I was only able to practice for about an hour because I was really tired from commuting from such a faraway place. I do thank God for yesterday, because I was able to practice, even for just a little while. Even with all these busy things going on, I'm sure God will give me enough time to finish this Kreisleriana by Schumann. :D

That's It.

I have nothing else left to say. LOL. Well, at least the post is a wee bit longer than the post before, and that's progress in itself! XD. Like I said, these things that which are happening in my life right now may not be what I want, I will still hold on to that fact that God has His perfect timing, and whatever happens, all of these things will work out for good. Who knows? God might just be giving me a lesson on "socializing-with-people-who-you-do-not-know-much-because-you-have-to-talk-to-them-to-get-somewhere 101". Right? XD Well, I'll see you later. Hopefully this would not be the end of my blogging spree. 

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