Saturday, October 15, 2011

Entry #12: The Travel Back Home

This. Caused me a little embarrassment today. XD

Travelling, to and fro

Well, travelling has been the main topic the past few days. Taking a total of 4 hours to go to and fro the MPO School of Music Located in Libis, Quezon City. For the past rehearsals, I was blessed by God by this certain person by the name of Iqui! :D I would always get a free ride to an LRT station (Roosevelt), which makes my travel less stressful. Thanks ate Iqui! XD. But of course, today is different. She was not able to come to rehearsal today, and I am faced with that fact that I'll be commuting my way home. It's a good thing that I had some companions still (Mau and Pachi! XD), and they made the travel less boring. 

What about this 'this'?

Well, today is the first time I have bought Stored Value Tickets from both LRT Line 1 and Line 2. Well, as I compare both of them, they both have that printed side, and the not-so-printed side. Well, apparently, that side right there (yes, I'm pointing to the picture) was the correct side for LRT 2. And I failed. It's a good thing there was this woman who told me that I wrongfully did the wrong thing. Does that mean I did the right thing? Does two wrongs make a right? Will I ever see the next day? When will I stop asking questions? I don't know. Oh there, I stopped. XD

That's It.

Ha! Will my entries be short bursts of words from this moment on? I tried to think of something else to write, but it seems that this is the only thing I could write about. The other parts I really don't remember as much. XD Well, I'll try to remember more things next time! :) 

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