Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Episode Twelve: Hangover

Waking up...

I woke up early today; I thought that I should wake up later than the usual time I wake up, but I still woke up at the same time. My morning was extra-normal, except for the weird headache that I had all day. It seemed to bother all of the tasks that I did today... Well, back to the story. When I woke up, I didn't sleep again. I don't want to go back into the world of dreams, where I don't even see what I'm dreaming.


I got nothing to do today. All was so calm, as if I wasn't there. But as soon as I opened the computer, everything seemed to move, as if it had life in it -- THIS, is a big symbolism of boredom. Starcraft was quite fun today, because I tried to play cheatless again, and I won again. good thing. Oh, I just remembered. It's the start of school tomorrow! I hope I meet a lot of friends -- I want to be friends with my whole block! But the problem is, I'm quite shy when it comes to introductions, and I don't know what to say -- how I'll introduce myself, would i shake hands with the person or not, eek! O_O Nothing I could do about that, only God knows what will happen tomorrow; I just wish that I can really meet a lot of friends tomorrow -- hopefully.


And because I did remember that tomorrow was the first day of school, I went to have my hair trimmed. It was so hot that time, the sun was about to go down already. I though at first that my fave barber shop was already closed, so I walked back home. After just a few moments, I went back to the barber shop, and it was actually open -- even before I got there the first time. O_O Anyway, the "barber man" was sleeping and I accidentally woke him up. Surprising as it may seem, he looked at me for about 3 seconds, and then he started to move lightning fast! O_O It was like time stopped and I was already sitting at the barber's chair without me realizing that I'm already seated! Whew! After the haircut, I went back home, which was just about 95 steps away from the barber shop, and went straight to the bathroom -- to take a bath. The water was so hot, I had to wait for the cold water in order to finally take a bath. Just after taking a bath, something popped out of my mind. It was telling me to look for Isen, to battle it out with Isen. This is the last day anyway.

The Search for Isen.. Again.

Sigh, I texted him. He told me that he was at school letting students sign something. Aww, we could've had a nice time battling it out in starcraft! It's been over a week now, and still, we couldn't battle with each other. It's very "saddening", but I know that someday, I'll be able to play with Isen finally, and defeat him, fair and square! nyahahahaha ^_^ But first, I need to practice more with other kinds of species because I always use zerg. O_O

In Conclusion...

Today is boring, but God made something out of it. Even If it felt boring, there was that little spark in my heart that started the joy within me today. I just feel happy for nothing -- for no such reason at all. And I hope that in the following days -- especially tomorrow, I'll have new experiences in my new school. ^_^

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