Friday, June 8, 2007

Episode Eight: A Bad Nose Day

The Sibelius Challenge

This morning, when I woke up, I first thought of my composition. "I must encode it," I said to myself. And I did. It's so hard when you really have new stuff that you need to use immedietly, one big example here is Sibelius, a music notation software. It's been more than 2 days now, and I'm still quite confused on some things; but praise God, I somehow remember now how to put notes and such. The Composition 2 has just finished its first theme; now, I'm already at the C major part. This is, by far, the easiest part of the song -- in terms of notes; but in terms of counting, you're gonna have a hard time. The whole song is syncopated -- i never realized it until I started notating it a few weeks before. I'm nearing the end of my written score, and I must start writing the next part again in a few days. I hope it doesn't get more trickier than the first part -- it's where the absolutely syncopated notes are located, as of the moment. O_O

Continuous Allergic Reaction

My Allergic Reaction is pretty bad today. I had it since I woke up. The moment I opened my eyes, a very startling sneeze fully woke me up.
Because of this reaction, I couldn't focus much on the things that I did today, there was only about 65% of concentration, the 35% in focusing on the nose. O_O It's so annoying... T_T because of this lurking allergic reaction, I nearly lost my voice a while ago, when I was at the marching band. But after the marching band, I did not speak anymore -- even until now, as I write this. And right now, I'm still suffering from this evil reaction. I hope that I can find a way to actually get the Allergens™(© from Raid: Insect Killer) away from my nose.


My mom gave me my allowance for today. I'm happy that she didn't forget -- I was the one who forgot it. Hours ago, I was watching Heroes on DVD -- maybe this is the culprit!!! I was not rushing myself at that time, I remembered everything -- except the allowance. Sigh, because of this terrible incident, I was hungry... the whole afternoon. It was only at 6:47pm(GMT+8) when I sipped on a drink. I pity myself, LOL. I should've went back home when I remembered that I forgot it, but I was already halfway. It's a big waste of time if I go back. I am thankful that God did provide for the other things that I have forgotten -- I thought I didn't forget anything else, but I did (LOL). I forgot to bring my Alumni ID for entering school to go to the Marching Band, and one more thing -- I forgot to fill up my bottle of water. Man, I guess I really forget a lot of things. I must make a checklist next time so that I won't forget a thing -- If I don't forget what to put on the list ^_^.

Delayed Message

I was supposed to tell my mom something today. It's about the thing that is required in college. I don't want to tell her now... maybe I'm afraid of what her answer might be. So tonight, as I finish this entry, I will pray about it, and hope that God will answer my prayer. I can't tell what's it about actually, I'll just tell you when It's already approved -- or denied. But I pray that she will approve, and bring a new meaning in to my life. ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today is a day of irritations, and surprises. No wonder God is great, He changes anger into joy so much. And He gives blessings more than you can imagine. What YOU must do is to trust Him -- even if He's not visually there, because He is always with you right there, inside your heart. ^_^

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