Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Episode Twenty-Six: Aww, what a waste!

Lucky Me!

For the past 2 weeks, it was only today that I realized that I only have 1 subject in the morning. I thought there was another subject after theology, but there was actually none. Since there was a LOT of time before my P.E. class in the afternoon, I decided to practice my piano pieces; but lucky me, there was not a single studio available for me to practice. T_T Sigh... I just sat down for a while, and I finally decided to go to the Library.

The New Composition

I went inside the music section, opened my music notebook at the back, and started drawing all notes and figures pertaining to the latest composition. Well, it was quite hard because I didn't have a piano to play on, but I somehow managed to wrtie pretty accurately. My momentum in writing the composition was already high when someone texted me.

Distracting Woman

This woman who texted me was Eliza Chua, my high school friend. We were supposed to eat lunch together today; so she texted me and asked me where we will meet. I told her to fetch me at the library because I was busy doing something, but she wanted me to go back to our bldg. She made we walk back to our building -- how evil. I was really into writing my composition and here comes this woman, who asked me to go out of the library, because I thought she was already outside, but I was actually the one who waited for her -- outside our building. How nice. Anyway, we met up with a few more friends (2 only actually). We ate at this very warm place on top of Mabsy's. Sad, we weren't able to eat at Mabsy's, but the food there was pretty much OK anyway; their problem is on sanitation i guess. ^_^

Sepak Takraw....?

I was very excited to have this P.E. today, since I didn't do anything useful in my free time (Well, except helping Leslie finding a xerox machine. ^_^). Man, our professor possesses a very soft voice, making his lecture about Sepak Takraw hard to hear. After his discussion, we went out. Sadly, it was raining so our teacher didn't let us play or even learn the basics. He also made us go home early. What a waste T_T. As I was about to go to school, I saw Gillian and we both went to school, on a different route - a route I did not know. But anyway, I had fun practicing at school and I actually made a good progress today.

In Conclusion...

I believe that my compositions are based on what I usually feel. This latest composition had a very interesting start, with all those noisy stuff, but it ended very calmly. This must be what I'm feeling about my college life? I hope I can make new compositions in the near future -- compositions that are about the joys of living, not the sadness of being lonely and lonely.. LOL ^_^ Also, God has made me learn a lesson today -- I must further manage my time wisely, and also my MONEY. :) I hope I can and will do in the following days. ^_^

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