Thursday, June 14, 2007

Episode Fourteen: Surprises...

A "normal" class at last!

Classes started at 8:30 this morning -- 30 mins earlier than yesterday. I came early as always, and synthia(wasn't c, it was an S ^_^), just came in a few seconds later. We talked for a while, and then we proceeded inside our first classroom -- our first normal classroom. A few moments later, the teacher came in already. He then introduced the topic and explained what we were about to learn from the subject. Well, after that, we were arranged alphabetically and we met with our groups. Leslie was our group leader. She was also the one who will collect the pictures -- I wanted that job too ^_^, but I guess God didn't want me to take that job. Anyway, our prof. discussed the requirements: all of us were going to pray, we have to bring our bibles, and i forgot the others. All of a sudden, some person knocked at the door.. all were amazed by the courage of this person; but as the door opened, we realized that it was a staff of the conservatory of music. O_O Well, this guy just walked in like that, and talked to the professor. The professor murmured something, if I heard it right, he was saying about time, less than ten minutes I think. Anyway, after just 3 mins(Yeah I counted because he was discussing about the prayers of the roman catholics), we were told to proceed to Recital Hall I.

Embarassed and Proud of Oneself

When we entered the hall, we don't know why we were there. But when some guy wrote a few things on the board, I finally knew what it was -- It was the scheduling of our majors/minors in piano. And I "re-realized" that all of us have piano in our courses -- whether major or minor. Entertaining.. isn't it? Anyway, we were asked to pile up alphabetically, but most of the people just sat down because their names were near the end, and standing would just make them weary (and sad[LOL]). Anyway, I sat down somewhere and made myself comfortable. I talked to this one person, I forgot her name, she was a voice major. And my, her accent is so... theater-like ^_^. Anyway, after that, I toured the room a bit, and went back to my chair. This time, I talked to two guys -- my, I don't remember their names... maybe because they spoke too soft. We were talking about some stuff when suddenly my name was called -- sigh, they wasted my chance of having more friends! This I think, is called "bad timing". O_O Anyway, I proceeded to the table where the teacher was. The teacher looked familiar -- oh! he's the one who was the judge or something like that on my auditions! Anyway, he knew me right away, maybe because I was the first one to audition, and talked to a woman sitting behind me. He said these words: "Mrs. Suaco! Your new student, almond. Magaling yan.(He's Good.)" First thing that came into my mind was purely embarrassment. Saying such a thing like that could ruin my chance of making new friends! T_T After that, I was quite boastful. "I am good? How can that be?" I asked myself. Oh, and this one gave me the creeps -- Terror Teacher!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I won't be able to pass my major subject! T_T I must work super extra hard, like piano for 10 hours a day.. LOL. But seriously, I hope she's not a terror piano teacher, or I'll be like my mentor who had a terror piano teacher too as her first teacher.


Because of the scheduling of the majors/minors for piano, our english pd. has been overthrown. But it's a good thing that the professor for that subject wasn't in today. Lucky me, I get to go home as earlier as I expected -- well, not really. The thingy ended at 11:30 -- as if we had English class and it just ended. We then went out to eat, and we ate at chowking. The absolutely high pitch sounds in the fast food chain really made me feel dizzy; not to mention that I'm also hungry. It was so annoying that I had to focus on not listening to it; but I didn't let my classmates notice it ^_^. After that, we went back to school, waiting for nothing, and I finally went home at around 1pm.

In Conclusion...

Today is good, at least I had my first "normal" class. But it's really disappointing that it had to be theology, I didn't like theology. I wanted something else. But it doesn't matter, because I know that religion is not the real thing that should matter -- it's the faith that counts ^_^.


I'm soo sorry that I used too much anyways in this post.. or did I just notice it right now? O_O Well, anyway, in my next episodes, I'll try not to put too much anyways. I hope. XP

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