Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Episode Six: Things Just Keep on Coming

Brand New Day, Same Ol' Feelin?

It's a new day again, and yet I still have my sore throat O_O. I know, it takes time for illnesses like these to heal. Anyway, today, I had a "salty" start. I gargled salty water (Really, Really Salty Water, "saltier" than sea water) It tasted so salty, erk! I didn't have any choice though, I must gargle this inexplicable glass of salty water to make my throat well. After the very "salty" experience, i did feel better -- the pain, it's somehow gone! YAY! Thank you Lord for inventing such remedy! Even though it still feels a bit hurting, at least a big part of it is gone! To all you having sore throats right now, do the salty water gargle! ^_-

Still Waiting for Isen...

Sigh, It's been more than 2 days, and I still can't see Isen online. How are we supposed to play Starcraft then? *sniff* But I'm not that disappointed or anything, I've been practicing without cheats, so I can defeat him when we finally meet in-game >:) Isen, come out quick, T_T I want to have a battle with you already. Somehow, I know that God doesn't want me to meet Isen yet, maybe I'm not prepared? But I'll be praying that I'll finally have a battle with Isen, at least before classes ^_^.

A day of Boredom

There were not much friends online again today, some friends came online in the morning, but in the afternoon, I couldn't talk to anyone T_T. I played starcraft, but it bored me already because I was practicing the whole morning. Sigh, no social life, AGAIN! I hope that I'll have friends to talk to tomorrow... T_T

Dirty Floor.. AGAIN?!

If I'm not mistaken, I cleaned the floor yesterday. It looked like it was "new" >:D. But when I looked at the floor today, its dirty again! T_T Chubby must be the suspect in this merciless crime of un-tidying the floor! Argh! All the efforts of cleaning - gone! This event made me realize something again -- the hardwork of my mom. Yeah, every Sunday, my mom always cleans our house, sometimes I help, sometimes I don't. It must be a big ouch for her, to see all of her efforts to clean the house disappeared in a day. Therefore, from this day, I will try to help mom clean the house and keep it clean all the time. I hope I don't make a mess that would take a long time just to clean up. From now on, If I finish cooking, I'll clean the dishes/ the utensils that I used for cooking right away.


If the word Home-sick is accepted, then this word should be accepted too :P. They're taking so long to get home! I wanted to text them, but I had no load to text them. It was like 9pm already, and they should've been at home already at that time. Somehow, I got worried because they didn't even text me where they were, or what's causing their delay of going home, but I tried not to think of it, so I just opened the computer and encoded my composition into Sibelius 3.

New Program, New Difficulty

Sibelius is SOOO Good I tell you. It has features that other notation software can't match. But the sad thing is that It also has lacking features, such as dynamics -- or I just don't know where I can find them :P. Anyway, since this is a new program for me, I had a difficult time when I started -- I didn't know what key corresponds to what, I didn't even know how to put a note; but as I read through the manual, I finally understood -- a bit. I finally knew how to put notes in! Later on, I wanted to try on a Virtual Piano, so I searched again on the internet. But after a few tries, I just gave up -- because I forgot that It had shortcuts for placing notes! Silly me. XP Well, I finished the Intro Part already, do you want to hear it? I'm sure you do, ^_^ but I don't want to share a work that is not yet done, so you'll have to wait until it's finished, to enjoy the song at it's max! ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today is boring -- yes. But today, God made something interesting out of the ordinary stuff(The Sibelius Thingy) which made me quite interested on a few things. He also made me realize on the hardwork of my mom. And I hope that tomorrow, God will make the best out of me. ^_^

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