Monday, June 11, 2007

Episode Eleven: Leaving me Breathless

An Early Start -- Literally

I never slept since yesterday. We were like enjoying the rest of our time at the Resort. We swam at the pool from 12:I don't know AM(GMT+8), till 1:30am. After that, I went up to change, and take a bath. I was so tired after all those things, I wanted to rest, but I also don't want to be left out on all the fun; so, I went down to the session hall to "mingle" with the people.

Unexpected Debut...

As I entered the room, I saw different people, doing different things. Actually, my plan was just to get water, and go back up. But they called me, and I went to them. The people who called me were the ones at the karaoke. They asked me to render a song, but I don't know what to sing. "And besides, I have cough and I'm quite ill." I told them, but actually, I really wanted to sing. LOL Anyway, my first song, I already forgot, but they commented on that, asking me that why am I always at the piano and don't sing. I was a bit shy at first, but I was slowly getting the hang of it. We ended at around... 3:38am(GMT+8) -- actually, I left the place because I wanted to sleep already. Well, when I entered the room, I prepared the bed that I was about to sleep on. Oh, I forgot that I dragged Ivan upstairs, because he might not wake up when the morning comes to eat breakfast. Anyway, back to the room.


I was about to sleep already, when Justin came over to the other bed(I'm at the top of a two-deck bed, and Justin is at the neighboring bed) Ivan shooed him away, wanting to sleep also, but Justin didn't, saying that he's waiting for a text from someone. Ivan was so noisy and all, I couldn't sleep. This is where my sleeping bag came in. After about 30 mins, I finally decided to sleep at the floor. At first, they thought that I would be sleeping at Justin's bed, but they thought wrong(haha) I slept at the floor(Thank you Lord for the sleeping bag) The floor was cold -- good thing for me; and it was also hard -- another good thing, so that I won't have a deep sleep. I started the stopwatch so I would know how long I slept. When I woke up, I stopped it; the display was 2:00:44.69. I slept only two hours, it could've been more if Ivan didn't interfere with my sleeping last night -- oh, i mean a few hours ago ^_^.


All of the people in our room went down to eat -- except Kevin. well, the food was pretty nice, I forgot what food it was again. Anyway, after eating, most of us went back up. Frankly, I don't remember what I did anymore from the time I went up to the next event. Anyway, the next event was when I was watching Jeremiah Hia, Erickson Hia, Ephraim, and Lalaine Chi Playing this PS2 game. Erickson Hia was making us laugh out of our lungs with Thing's dialogue, "It's clobbering time!" in different accents later on. Later, we went down for snacks. Mmm, the yummy but not crispy fries!

I'll continue this...

Tomorrow, sorry, my other brother is bothering me for his report thingy. I should give the computer to him now. ^_^ anyway, i'll continue Episode Eleven tomorrow, and also Episode Twelve.

The Continuation... Lunch

The last lunch that we had in the resort was afritada(or was it? ^_^) and vegetables. Before I grabbed my plate to get food, I was actually singing. I forgot what the songs were -- oh, I remember one! If You're Not The One, by Daniel Bedingfield. As I was singing the last few songs, I feel that my vocal chords are very tired already, so I tried not to speak after singing. After eating, I sang a few more, then went up to fix my things. The first thing I did when I got inside the room was to drink the Pei Pak Koa Syrup, because my vocal chords is really fatigued already, and it needs rest -- I was speaking as if I just woke up! Anyway, after fixing my things, I went down to the Session Hall to refill my water bottle for the trip; and I saw Justin, doing the Joy stuff. I wanted to check it out actually, so I went closer to check it out. It looks so plain! So, I grabbed a pencil, and I started doing some shading stuff to the letters. It looked nice -- when it was near. I didn't know if it looked good from afar, but I think it will, because the light makes a good effect on the thing. Anyway, after that, we brought down our bags already, we were given our vehicle assignments; I really didn't expect that they will drop me off at home, the church is fine already.

The Trip Back Home

Because of the thing hanging in the rearview mirror, I felt extremely dizzy; maybe because I didn't sleep too much also. I got my M&M's pillow and I started to sleep -- oh, yeah, I shared my pillow with Ivan, who slept quicker than me. The first few mins was very discomforting, but when I got the full pillow, I was finally able to sleep. I had a dream actually, I slipped on the road, and I said sorry for the Juice that I spilled. I said sorry to some person; I don't know if it's really a road, but it looks something like it. But anyway, when I woke up, I asked if I was saying anything, and I did say something! O_o Anyway, I was the last one to be dropped off, luckily, it didn't rain, and the people in our house was there -- at least I don't have to open the door by myself now! Anyway, as I entered the house, as expected, chubby was so excited. He not only licked me, but also scratched me! Good thing that I was wearing pants. ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today, God has made me realize something -- sleep when you are tired. Usually, I don't sleep when I'm tired, I just keep on going. But from what has happened today, I realized that we must take a break once in a while. We must rest in order to bring back at least some of our energy. Hopefully, when class starts, I won't rest too much and not do homework! :P

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