Thursday, June 21, 2007

Episode Twenty-One: Reminiscin'

I miss those days...

Whererin I'm a part of a chorale group that would go perform in many different events and compete at different contests. That's what I remembered as the Coro Tomasino and The Liturgikon(Sorry if It's the wrong spelling) It made me want to join one of them, but I have to think it a million times before I finally decide. I don't know how hard my major will get, so I think I have to pass the opportunity before me right now. I need to study and to work hard first in my first year, then I join organizations and/or groups maybe in the next year. I just hope I made the right decision. ^_^

Orientation? It's more of a Concert!

The orientation for the freshmens in the conservatory of music was awesome. There were a lot of groups that have performed(I have already told you about the choirs), the String Orchestra and the Wind Orchestra sounds so good! The Wind Orchestra was so amazing, they played the music from the Pirates of the Carribean! It sounded as if you were really watching the movie!! COOOOOL ^_^

All for the Bag

I'm not supposed to go to the university today. I didn't want to waste my time on some orientation and on a tour, but I wanted the free bag -- I wanted it badly ^_^; so even if I have to go to the walking tour, which I don't need since I toured the UST campus already, I need to go.. All for the Bag ^_^. Anyway, I still had a pretty nice time... After the Walking Tour, I immediately went to school to practice again.

Piano Practice Turned Composition Moment

I practiced for more than 2 hours on the offertory piece that I will be playing on Sunday. After which, I practiced the czerny again, and then I accidentally made something. It sounded so... so... nice. I started making variations, and it's really sounding nice. The song is fast for the right hand.. I like the combination actually. I just hope that I can still remember the chord progressions and other stuff. ^_^

In Conclusion...

I thank God for giving me determination. I also thank Him for giving me some talent in composing. I hope that I can use my compositions and my talent in playing the piano to praise Him in the near future. ^_^

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