Thursday, June 7, 2007

Episode Seven: Preparations

Schedule? Nah..

Today's schedule is not properly arranged i suppose -- there was only 1 schedule that was precise and on time, that was the practice. The other tasks... well, they didn't have a schedule! ^_^

Piano Practice

The moment I came to Yutiam Hall, I started practicing my exercises, and people also started coming in. The first was achi pat, then edilyn yu. Achi pat asked about something, i forgot what actually O_O. But Edilyn Yu(chi) asked about the songs that we were going to perform on wednesday. After choosing the songs, I went back to practicing. This one song that I'm practicing took me more than an hour just to go through a passage without stopping O_O. Anyway, after the very tiresome practice, I proceeded in modifying my compositions. I really had a hard time making the endings in both of my compositions. Because when it comes to musical scores, if it starts in a certain key signature, it should also end with the same key signature. And since my compositions usually change key signatures throughout the song, it's hard to go back to its original key. I spent about more than an hour on my 2nd composition, and in the end, i just gave up and told myself that I could do it after I finish encoding the score into the computer.

Journey to the Shop - the Computer Shop

I decided to play a while after all those hardwork. I planned to go to my favorite internet shop, but it was full. I went to the other one, and still it was full. I finally ended up in the most expensive internet cafe (P25/hr) in the vicinity. The first game that I played was Audition. As I was playing, I noticed my reflexes in my fingers were slowing down, maybe from the extensive practice that I had. The games were actually exciting, but I was quite disappointed because I really couldnt hear anything from the game because of the high pitched noises and bad words coming from the mouths of my neighbors. O_O Anyway, I got bored in some way because I couldn't hear anything. And then, I played o2jam, and there was only 1 song that I could hear clearly because that was the loudest song in the game, and I was at least happy that I could hear something. At my last 15 minutes, I played audition again, and I finally found a room wherein they play the beat up mode, a kind of game in Audition which is a lot like o2jam, but o2jam is far better >:)

Back To School

After that not so good playing time (at least i was able to play, and I thank God for that ^_^), I went back to school. I found some friends there, some CMLI people, and finally, Gillian Siasin! This was the woman who made my day! I think God sent her, because I was really hungry at that time! Thank you Lord for giving her money, that I may be able to eat banana cue, and buy her water too! Sad thing is that i would've bought the non-cold one, I actually thought she would like the cold one because during the break in our choir practice on Saturdays, she always drinks cold water, so I came to a conclusion that I should buy the cold one. But she didn't like it, saying that Achi pat will get mad at me. Maybe in the back of her head, she's telling me that she would like to thank me for buying cold water, I hope achi pat doesn't see it. O_O Anyway, practice time came, and we practiced of course! Sadly, I was the only bass during at that time. Isen, and some other basses didn't come again! Charmaine told me Isen went home already after the orientation of ateneo students, because it was already late. Sigh, I hope Isen still came to practice, so we can meet on when to battle. ^_^

In Conclusion...

Today is such a good day, though i had a rough start, it had a grand ending, and I know God is behind all these things. I thank Him for all the things that had happened today. ^_^

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