Sunday, June 17, 2007

Episode Seventeen: Prolonged Sunday

Still Late

I woke up early, but I came in late because of my brother's laziness. I woke up early and I was already finished by 6:15; he woke up at 6 and ended at 6:30 -- and when it's already 6:30 at our house, it means that I am already late for morning practice. I came about 5 mins before 7 o'clock. I thought that there will be a lot of people already at that time, but we were only three. Achi pat was angry. :( Maybe because the song is already sung many times, and the choir people can not go to practice in the early morning. Anyway, the service was at the offertory part when I left to go to Joy.

Almost a Waste

I thought that I was the pianist for today, but I wasn't. It was Gillian. Luckily, my going to Joy early payed off because I got to play one song from the repertoire for that day. Today's activity in Joy was acquaintance. I got bored actually, maybe because I'm too old ^_^. After the fellowship, I proceeded to the AVR on the fourth floor of the Faithfulness Bldg for Joy Melodies practice. I'm a pianist for Joy, in case you don't know. ^_^ We practiced a few songs, and we scheduled our next practice which was on wednesday, and on friday. When we were done practicing, I went back to Yutiam hall to practice for my piano lesson tomorrow.

Aww, I shouldn't have.

I practiced a lot of pieces, but I forgot to practice the exercises pieces. I practiced for about 3 hours, and I just finished a few. Just what I thought. God was right O_O. I shouldn't have practiced today. Today is a day of rest, not a day of work. Sigh... Anyway, I was fetched by 3:34pm and we went to Harrison Plaza to buy my portable trumpet case, and the metronome. The metronome was more than 1,000 pesos, while the case was just 680++ pesos -- how expensive! After buying the stuffs, we ate at Tokyo Tokyo -- it's been a while ^_^. We then headed over to the Japanese store, where I supposedly lost 320 pesos.. T_T

In Conclusion...

I shouldn't have practiced. If I didn't, then my mind would still be alive and kicking, not sluggish in thinking. Next time, I won't work on a Sunday, even if it's important -- I hope. T_T

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