Friday, June 22, 2007

Episode Twenty-Two: Extreme Fatigue


I had a hard time getting out of bed. I was too tired from writing episodes 16 thru 21 yesterday. I slept pretty late yesterday; luckily, my classes today will start at nine, and because it will start at nine, I can tag along with my mom as she goes to office.

Forgetfulness... Again

I forgot two things today -- my metronome, which is in my portable Trumpet case, and my scores, for today's practice of Joy Melodies. Sigh, I keep on forgetting again. I must bring back the long forgotten check list hidden within my stack of papers. I hope I don't forget important things next time.

Alpha and Omega

That's a direct description of my classes today. There was only the 1st class, which was Filipino, and the Last class, Solfeggio. Filipino was well, quite boring somehow -- I didn't feel sleepy or anything, I just felt a little bored maybe because the topic has already been discussed; but it doesn't matter now, because it's already done ^_^. Our professor, mrs. Permeho -- she explains her surname like this: "Para mabilis ninyo ako matandaan, dito ako naka-pirme, oh ^_^ (To let you remember my name quicker, I am staying here, oh)", gave us an assignment; she told us that we should look for talinghaga(compound words, i think), and pamahiin(s)[sayings? something like cultural beliefs -- ahh, there it is! ^_^]. Yay, Filipino is already finished, and we sort of waited for the next professor for out next subject -- Philippine History. Just like old times, the professor did not arrive. O_O We left already and ate at another place finally -- the one beside Mabsy's; but sadly, my companion was only Jason. We ate food -- oddly expensive food; but it tasted fine. After eating, we proceeded back to our building. We went inside a "room without class" -- a room with no classes at that time. During this very, very boring moment in time, I wanted to write the song I made yesterday; sadly, I don't have the music notebook with me, and so I continue to dream on. After just a few minutes of daydreaming, we went in again to our "room", the recital hall II. As we entered the ever boring scenery of the recital hall, i heard a familar song being played; after a blink -- or was it a ultramicromilisecond, I found the title in my brain: "Broken Vow" -- but it sounded so different... Nevermind. ^_^ Later on, we were escorted outside by a group of people; they told us that they were going to use the recital hall, and our professor doesn't teach if there is no classroom. A blinding flash of light blinded our eyes as we headed out the door. The heartwarming heat expressed its love toward us -- by giving off heat. This has caused our bodies to cry out in joy -- it also caused us to be icky and sticky yet once more. Blah blah blah... at last, Solfeggio pd. finally arrived. The teacher went in, greeted us, passed a paper, sat down, and told us to open our books to begin. O_O When it was my turn to sing with my partner, I made a slight mistake on a note, and a big mistake on conducting; doesn't matter, since I didn't practice that much. :P

In Conclusion...

Today, I don't see why, but something strange is bothering me. What could it be? -- I don't know; but I know that God knows what it is, and I hope that when I later on realize what it is, it's not a problem, but a reason for me to rejoice. ^_^

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