Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Episode Five: A Familiar Illness


It was about 9:30 in the morning(GMT + 8), I was half-awake at that time -- thinking of what to do when I fully awake. I gulped -- OUCH!! I got fully awakened by the pain from my tonsils! I quickly went down to grab a glass of water. And it somehow refreshed me, but the pain did not subside. And so, I went in front of the medicine cabinet and took the "Pei Pak Koa" Syrup. After taking a spoonful of it, the pain subsided. And so I sat down in front of the computer and played starcraft.

My First Legit Win - Starcraft(Zerg)

"Let's try to play once without using cheats," i said to myself as I was looking for a map where that would be a challenge for me. After choosing the map, I started the game. It was so hard at the beginning, the drones had to gather minerals and it took a few minuites just to have a decent amount for me to start constructing other buildings. It took me a while to realize that I need a lot of drones so that my resources will go up fast. As I was preparing for my attack, I prepared 4 different kinds of creatures: The Guardian Mutualisk, The Devourer Mutualisk, the Hydralisk, and Finally, The Lurker. It made the whole base of the Terrans Explode!! XP ^_^ The game lasted for about 1 hour and a few minuites, but it was worth it -- i owned them without using cheats!! ^_^

Ouch!! (Part 2)

After Playing Starcraft, the sore throat thingy came back. I didn't mind it this time, and I tried hard not to gulp, so that it won't hurt.. But there were times that I involuntarily gulped, and it hurt really bad; because of this, I took another spoonful of the "Pei Pak Koa" Syrup. This time, the pain did not subside. And I can't do anything about it now.. :(

The Fishball -- And the Scramble!

This was the day, when the "fishball man" finally stopped in front of our house. Because I was so excited to eat fishballs again, I quickly took a bowl and went outside. I bought about nearly Forty Pesos of Food -- Including the Scramble. I totally forgot that I had a sore throat, and started gulping the scramble. As i finished eating the fishballs, the pain of my throat became more intense, and it had made me so quiet.. O_O And because of this very stupid event, I thought of reversing the effects of the Scramble -- and i thought of eating spicy food, that's where the Lucky Me!® Pancit Canton - Sweet and Spicy came in. I was supposed to eat this even before the "fishball man" came, but after all the efforts that I have already done for the poor Pancit Canton, I thought that I should eat it. And I did. After the spicy encounter, the pain subsided -- yay! ^_^

House Cleaning

Yeah, I noticed that the floor of our house was dirty again, so I cleaned it up! It was so tiring, and fun at the same time because I was listening to upbeat anime music, which made me work faster. After mopping the floor with the foot-and-wet-rag combination, I sat down, appreciating the beauty of the tiled floor, the cleanliness and nearly spotless floor.

In Conclusion...

Today, God has made me remember to help my parents, even in little things. Today, I evolved from being a complaining son to an obedient one -- a little. ^_^ And I thank God for it, I hope that I will become fully obedient to my parents as time passes by.

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