Monday, June 25, 2007

Episode Twenty-Five: It's now on FIRE!!


First of all, thanks for the people who are reading my adventures, I hope that you can leave a comment or two, so that I may know what are your insights :) Anyway, back to today's episode!

The Terror Begins...

Today was the day again of my piano lesson. As I was about to enter our building, I saw Leslie seated at the rocky chairs in front of our building. She waved hello -- or I think she said hello; nevermind, what's important is that she said hello. ^_^ She asked me why I came in so early, I then told her that I was going to have my major today(in extended language, I was going to have my piano lesson today); she too, will have her major at the same time as I did, so we went to the 3rd floor simultaneously. As we were waiting for our time, we talked about something that I don't quite remember now. A few minutes later, I saw the door of studio 6 opened -- the studio where I'm going to have my major, and I felt happy and quite nervous as I see the face of the person -- my teacher. She called me in, it was 7:50 at that time; it means, I'll be having my lesson 10 mins earlier -- conclusion: I will end 10 mins earlier ^_^. Anyway, as we entered the studio, she accused me of bein absent last week(Sorry I couldn't find a lighter word for accuse); and of course, I told her that I did have my lesson last week, and I handed to her the notebook where she writes my assignments and remarks. She then remembered that it was the student after me that was absent last week -- I just hope that student will come in now, so she wouldn't make me absent and make him present ^_^. After the puny, tiny, little, miniscule argument, we started the session. At the Czerny Op. 299 No.5, I did a great job, she said; but she told me that I have to let my wrists be flexible, so that I won't get tired so easily. Well, I'm going to try that on my next practice. ^_^ On the next piece, the Bach Op. 633(I think) No. 1, I did not do any good. But she just laughed at me.. good thing. Anyway, after the lesson, she explained again what I will be going through: She explained that I am already advanced in my Bach, but quite late in my Czerny; so, she gave me another assignment for Czerny Op. 299 -- No. 10. As I opened my book to the number, my eyes became humungous -- it was hard by the looks of it T_T. She also said to me that I must play it fast on our next meeting -- now that's hard. Playing an unknown piece, with Sixty Eight Notes on the left hand continuously (imagine a quarter note with 3 lines in the shaft or the vertical thingy) fast. That's terrorizing. Oh and I remember her telling me that I should be able to do that next week -- or I will be slapped(in Tagalog, papaluin kita). Sigh.. BAAAAD!! ^_^

The Room is On FIRE!!

When I got to our room, a very strong gust of hot air welcomed me -- it was H-HHOOTT!! The air conditioners aren't working properly, and we had all our classes there (Filipino & Music Listening). The other subjects didn't wan't to teach because the room is on fire. Good thing ^_^

Solfeggio Recitation

This was the time when Solfeggio class has already started. Joshua, me, Karen, and I forgot who were the first ones to be called. Well, we did a good job in my own opinion, because all of our pitch is correct, but I got a little mistake on the lyrics -- the do re mi fa sol la si do. T_T When we were done, Professor Namit called on the next four. I thought that they would do a better job than we did, but it turned out that only one of them got the correct pitch and note. And it got worse as it progessed, until the last group was called. Well, they did their best, and I think that the Professor saw it (I hope.) After Solfeggio, I went straight to school to practice; and after which, went home.

Ivan is MEAN!!!

When I got online in my yahoo messenger, a very disturbing status message made a disturbance to my undisturbed leisure time of looking at disturbed human beings -- in the form of yahoo! messenger contacts. His status message was something like this: "DO NOT SPEAK(or TALK) TO ME!! AND I MEAN IT!!" he was mean!! because when you translate the last dependent clause, you will get: (at ako'y masama, ito!![the comma was placed there for the readers to have a misconception on the real translation of the independent clause]) He was so evil. That's about it. Oh and I forgot about Isen. Well, I pity him because chemistry is killing him; I pray that he will kill chemistry soon, that the high school students will not have problems on memorizing the periodic table of elements -- better yet, make chemistry harder so that high school students won't graduate, making college students like us have more chances of getting a job. LOL ^_^

In Conclusion...

I know that God gave me those hard pieces because He wants me to work hard. I am not thinking that I cannot finish the assignments because I know that God does not give things that I cannot handle. I pray for his guidance in all my decisions on practicing my assignments, I know I can DO IT!!! YEAHH!! GO MONDIE~! ^_^

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