Sunday, June 10, 2007

Episode Ten: "The" Memories...

My Luggage

When I was already at church, I noticed that I was the one carrying the biggest Luggage! I'm just going to spend a night at Kuhala Bay Resort, but my bag is like the bag I used for 7 days! It's actually embarrassing, but I managed to cover for my bag. ^_^

Kuhala Bay Resort

Before the trip, I got bruised somewhere. A shocking fact about it is that the bruises -- both at my left and right hand, look almost the same. Never mind! Off with the trip then. I joined Jerry Hia and family in their vehicle. We were watching Cinderella O_O. I've never watched Cinderella yet, but I don't watch films while traveling, so I just listened. But there were quite a few times when I watched, maybe because I wanted to see what happened. And because of this, I got dizzy. I didn't tell them because we might have a stop over, but I can still control it. I just looked far away, so I won't feel dizzy anymore. The kids were so funny, when we were actually going uphill on the road, they were screaming: "We're flying!! Weeeee!" And when we were going down, they kept on "weee"-ing. Really made me smile -- but not laugh. Just after the Cinderella film finished, I felt extremely dizzy, I was about to throw up, but I managed to keep myself un-dizzy, and focusing to not throw up. Finally, we arrived at the resort -- I got woozy when I came out, maybe from concentrating too much, but it's worth it. We first went to the session hall actually, we had the gathering there, we also chose our own room mates. Well, my room mates this time were not "evil" of some sort -- thank God! The room was big enough for us, but not for our luggage. It was very hot at that time, and the air-con has just been turned on, so I opened the window. There was no wind blowing in, but when someone opened the door outside, a strong gust went in -- physics! We told James to keep the door open, so wind will come in from the window. We played a while with the window-door stuff, and we finally closed it. We watched T.V. -- anime things till dinner.

"The" Dinner

I just picked a random table, a random chair, and sat down. After praying, I rushed to the buffet table because I was really, really hungry. The food was delicious -- except for the eggplant thing. I sat down and started to eat. My table mates were very active and joyful at that time, discussing about babies and such. One actually said that I will work at SM for her babies, not the Shoe Mart, but the Smokey Mountain. Then, we started talking about what jobs she can do at Smokey Mountain -- bar-coding the trash for easy access, and many more. Because of these things, we laughed endlessly, causing Irene Tanhuanco to say this: "Tama na, hindi ko na makain ung mangue ko.(Stop it, I can't eat my mangue[pronounced as meng-goo])" That made us laugh for probably more than 5 mins. It really made the whole table laugh, making the other table curious of what we were laughing about. Anyway, after that, we had the evaluation. It ended at about 11:30. Pastor Ramon Khu told us that we can do anything we want to from that time on, so we kept ourselves awake. I went up to our room -- but I didn't sleep! (What I did? It's at the next episode)

In Conclusion...

Today is nice, I am very happy that I didn't throw up at the trip, and I'm happy that the food wasn't fish. I thank the Lord for He has given me the chance to go to this trip, and that he has also given me good room mates.

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