Saturday, June 23, 2007

Episode Twenty-Three: New Things

L-Ens finally started!

Yay! Now that's a reason to rejoice! Finally, our professor in L-Ens has finally unlocked the door of his house. ^_^ He then introduced himself, or did he... I don't remember! O_O Anyway, he explained what L-Ens was. He first told us what was the meaning of L-Ens. I thought L-Ens was listening to an ensemble; but later on, I hear him tell us that L-Ens actually means "Large Ensemble" -- it's more of like a choir stuff. Next, he explained that he does not want to teach a lot of us, so he decided to divide us into two groups. He then asked us who wanted to be transferred to the other section. We were actually talking about it when I saw Kim. He was looking for something -- maybe us? Anyway, I got the message that he was trying to convey to us: Let's go to the other class, 1-mus-1! (Or something like that, i guess) Well, in the end, I think all the people in 1-mus-1, our section, will transfer to the second class. It's a good thing that the other class has the same schedule; but, as I wrote that sentence, I suddenly thought that it's also a bad thing: I need to wake up early T_T. But what the heck, nevermind. ^_^ After that transfer thing, he then checked our attendance; man, it took so long! An obvious reason would be our number -- we were more than a hundred O_O. We were dismissed at about 9:30; and we decided to eat our lunch at that time. We ate at Mabsy's -- the immortal Mabsy's(in Tagalog, ang walang kamatayang Mabsy's). The food tasted good ♦_♦. Anyway, we were quite late for our next class, English; but when we proceeded inside, the teacher, i think, has just started checking the attendance -- lucky us ^_^.

A Comedy Bar...

Shocking... our English professor is just... shocking. He was so... entertaining. O_O He was very funny, so funny words can't describe what I feel. Our English class became more like a comedy bar, with him cracking a joke in unexpected times. I just really can't explain... If you want to find out, why not try to get in our class ^_^. After that laugh-able subject, and also after a walk through the dorm of Ayla to end my problem, I proceeded to the church.

Relaxingly Stressed

Yeah, I'm quite stressed with my Piano teacher in UST. Maybe a lot of my batchmates know about that. I don't know, but I feel so insecure about myself ^_^. It's like I always feel when I am practicing that I am doing the wrong stuff, therefore making me repeat the exercise -- yeah, it's good for me, I guess; it's pushing me somehow to work hard. ^_^ Anyway, I just realized today that I will be playing the offertory tomorrow -- And I haven't practiced yet; so, when I reached the doorstep of our home... I mean, it's actually more of a gate, I quickly proceeded in front of the electronic Piano to start my practice session. After the offertory song, I then practiced for my Solfeggio recitation on monday.

In Conclusion...

Today, I have come to a conclusion...([I ask myself: What's the title for anyway? O_O]) I must work hard!!! GO MONDIE!! Awuuuuu!!! With the help of God, I know I can survive and live my dreams!

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