Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Episode Thirteen: What a First Day.


I woke up at the wrong time. I thought my class today would start at 8:00am(GMT+8), but guess what? I thought wrong! My class today starts at 9:00am! O_O I woke up too early today, it's bad because i forced myself to wake up early today, but good in some other way. Anyway, I finished episode eleven today, and I ate a little more breakfast than I usually do today. I left the house at about 7:45am(GMT+8).

First Day Shy

When I arrived at the school, I went up the stairs, and finally reached the fifth floor -- where my first class is. I knew the room, I've been there before once. That was the room where I was supposedly going to get my uniform. But as I glanced into the room, there was evil inside of it! Dust were crawling everywhere; and the chairs -- what happened to the chairs? Could they be eaten by the dust!? Oh no, what a terrible and horrific sight! Anyway, I just found a spot and sat on the "railing". It was pretty fun actually. I started thinking of things that might happen to me: some student will just come over and push me, someone will surprise me, my bag will fall down, my cellphone will fall down, and a lot of other things. I was quiet. I didn't know how to introduce myself to anyone. There was this one girl that was all alone too. I didn't have enough guts to say hello -- maybe because she was too busy playing games on her phone. Anyway, the teacher finally arrived at the scene of the crime, and she had also seen how infested the room was with the said evil creatures. She went away, and later on came back and opened the door to this Recital Hall II. She called us, and nearly all of us who were sitting there went inside the room. My, we were quite many! ^_^ Anyway, the teacher didn't introduce herself -- bad thing, but she did ask us some common but sensible questions such as: "Why are you studying music?" and, "How can you show to your parents that you love them?" Well, all of us answered the first question, but my answer was a bit off topic, I must say. I really couldn't think of any reason at that time on what to say. But anyway, at least I made my block mates laugh. LOL. After all the people finished saying their reasons, the professor expounded further.

Pinoy Pop Superstar!

She then asked the question about the parents now. She first called the guy at my back. As I looked behind me, I saw a very familiar face. Later on, I realized that it was Harry Santos, the one in the Pinoy Pop Superstar!(Pronounced as Peenoi Pap Zuperstahr) Anyway, our class ended after a few moments, and all of us went out already.

My first Friend

I saw the other girl again, the one who looked pretty sad. I finally had the courage to say hello. Yay ^_^ Well, at least she responded! That was a good thing! I asked her name, and she told me that she was... oh no! I forgot the name! But it sounded something like... Charissa or something..Ah! I remember now! It's Cynthia! Anyway, after introducing myself, we talked about a lot of things. After a while, I asked her if she already has her P.E. uniform. She said that she hasn't picked it up yet, so I showed her the way to the place where she can get the uniform. After that, we went around half of the university. We were looking for the Library. Anyway, after that tiring tour of the UST campus, we went back to the 5th floor of our building to wait for the next subject. After a few minutes(Actually more than 30 mins) I heard some of our block mates that the class was suspended, because there was no classroom to go to. So, I invited my new friend to join Kathy and me to eat Lunch. She was so unsure at first, because she thought that we were still going to have our class at that time; but after a few convincing statements, she finally said yes. Anyway, we ate at Jollibee and talked about a few things: about me being better than Harry[I don't know... maybe? *evil laugh*], about Cynthia, and about our courses. Anyway, when we parted ways already, Cynthia and I went back to our bldg. We waited there for like, 45 mins. And we waited for nothing -- there was also no class for that subject in our section for that day too. How nice.. -_-. But anyway, since Cynthia was so anxious about her P.E. we went down and asked the Guard where GS was. And as I have guessed, it was the Grand stand! Anyway, we went there to check it out, to ask if there was P.E. that day, and as we were getting closer, we noticed that the people there were not arnis people, they were some cheer leading people. Anyway, we sat down for a while, and talked more. I saw Patrick Tanhuanco walking towards the main bldg; so I got his attention and told him hi. Anyway, after all the chit-chat, we went back to our building to ask the guard again if there was going to be a P.E. for arnis today, and he said yes. We parted ways at the exit of our building. Oh I forgot, I saw Amozel, Kimberly, and some of her friends as we were about to ask the Guard about the P.E. stuff.

It's not over yet

I thought that when I get home, I would be already resting; but I suddenly remembered about the prayer meeting stuff that I have to attend to tonight. Anyway, I left the house at about 4:30 and came to the Yutiam hall at about 5 something. I don't remember much about the time at that time(LOL). Anyway, I practiced sad songs, because I don't want to mess up the Bible study Aileen Sy's group was having. At about 6, I went out to eat. At seven, I practiced with Edilyn Chi already. At eight, the prayer meeting started. Well, I didn't get much of the message, but good thing, he translated it to English ^_^. Anyway, after the message, Anthony hia came over to our spot and mingled with us. He was reminiscing on the PS2 moments he and Edilyn Chi had when we were at the Kuhala Bay Resort. It was so funny ^_^. Anyway, after praying, I went home already.

In Conclusion...

Today's first day of school wasn't as I expected it. Though I only met 1 friend, and the school became boring because there was no classes, God made my day happier through the prayer meeting. He made me forget the boredom I had this afternoon and changed my sorrow to joy. ^_^

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