Thursday, November 3, 2011

Entry #19: I want a new phone!


It's been so long since I've had my last smartphone. My last smart phone was stolen from me months ago. And last time I had a smart phone, I promised that I would buy an Android next time. And so, right now, I'm planning to buy an Android. But it seems that I could not find the right phone that was meant for me. I've been looking at a couple of phones or months now. I've seen one already, but the technical specs aren't that high. and I really don't want to get a phone that's been released last year. As much as possible, I want a phone that recently released. And also, I want a phone that has a physical keyboard. While my last smartphone had no keyboard, it took me quite a while to get used to it. And only at the last few weeks of my phone's existence was I able to use it properly. I surely hope that my favorite phone manufacturer, HTC, would create a smart phone that fits my requirements. I'm so excited to buy a new phone!

Difficulty in Writing

I'm having difficulty writing right now mainly because I'm not writing or typing for that matter. I'm actually using dictation software. I was checking out this would be a good investment or something; but right now, it seems like a pain to the behind. Perhaps I need to train my profile more. but honestly, it's kind of entertaining. Why am I doing this? I'm actually training my English speaking skills. I'm planning to take a review sometime next year on the English language. And I do plan to write my next entries by dictation, and it looks like this blog will be approaching the dark ages.

That's It!

Like I said, I'm using my voice to write this blog entry. And if I don't train my profile real soon, my posts will become shorter and shorter every day (or at least when I make my entries.). I'll see you soon. Bye! XD. Ha! I taught my dictation software how to do an XD. I hope I can teach this software new tricks soon. Goodbye! :-)

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