Friday, August 10, 2007

The Wait: Awesome News


The funds for buying a new PC has just come today. In a few weeks (hopefully next week, by any chance) We are finally going to have a brand new PC! ^_^ What's more, it is quite powerful, and it will have a better cooling system, which means our computer will finally survive more than 3 years!(Hopefully) And also, this year I think would be the year that we will finally have a DSL connection ^_^ Wohoo! And when our computer is back on, I will start writing about my daily adventures -- I can't wait.! I will be able to play my URBAN DEAD
. Yay! In the meantime, I will tell you about what happened while the endless water was falling down from the sky.

The Great Flood (Part One)

Last Wednesday, I woke up late, because I knew that there were no classes in our university -- it was a celebration of what seemed to be the feast of St. Dominic or something like that. When I went down our varnished wooden stairs, sorry i forgot to count how many it was; Anyway, a very horrible, extraordinary, unbelievable sight went into my brain: FLOOD!! eek! It's been a while since we had water inside our house. The water was quite high, it almost got to my mom's very old Cd's. Luckily, we were able to clean the house, but it took us till lunch to do so. I went to school after the cleaning stuff, to practice my assignments and to go play Granado. I wanted to play with my friend, Ivan, but guess what, he wasn't able to come to school because of the evil rain. I played a while. Noticing that my brother was online, we teamed up to kill monsters, we had fun killing such powerless monsters. ^_^ After that, we went home and I slept early, expecting no classes on the following day.

The Great Flood (Part Two)

The next day, I expected that there would be no flood because we made sure no water would get inside our house; but as it turns out, the flood had overcome the water barriers! But at least, the flood wasn't so great at all, we were able to prevent it from uprising. Anyway, I went to school again today, to finish one assignment finally. After that, I went off to play again. This time, I got too bored with what I am doing, so I played a little of o2jam to change the playing environment. Today, I went to my mom's office, because my brother plays Granado Espada there, Luckily, I didn't get a computer unit to play on. I ended up playing o2jam the whole hour. T_T

The Events That Had Happened Today

I woke up very early today to actually study for my Preliminary Examination in Filipino. I did study, only a few pages (about 5 or 6 I think) and then I fell asleep. I woke up at precisely 7:30 am. I wanted to continue my studying, but I had to move quickly, or else I will be late for the exam. I almost got late, but I didn't! The teacher was late-er than I was, so I had time to get my examination permit from the office. ^_^ But sadly, I think I failed my exam. The questions that came out were just too hard for me. Maybe because I didn't study the half of the actual pointers, but I was so fortunate to have received a set wherein the questions came from that half which I haven't studied or reviewed. Anyway, I went to the Office after the exam, hoping to get a studio to practice, but the personnel in charge of renting the studios is missing. I therefore went to the Library instead, to type this Episode (I like it as a story better O_O since I will start my real writing when our computer has been resurrected and healed to full health points) And I wasted a lot of time but it's just OK with me because I don't have a studio to practice on anyway. Right after posting this Episode, I'm off to photocopy a part of Cramer Studies -- my assignment on the next piano lesson in the university.

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